Olivier Pays
Olivier Pays
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Sitert av
Interactions among social monitoring, anti-predator vigilance and group size in eastern grey kangaroos
FR Favreau, AW Goldizen, O Pays
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 277 (1690), 2089-2095, 2010
Prey synchronize their vigilant behaviour with other group members
O Pays, PC Renaud, P Loisel, M Petit, JF Gerard, PJ Jarman
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 274 (1615), 1287-1291, 2007
Influence of immediate predation risk by lions on the vigilance of prey of different body size
S Périquet, L Todd-Jones, M Valeix, B Stapelkamp, N Elliot, M Wijers, ...
Behavioral Ecology 23 (5), 970-976, 2012
Coordination, independence or synchronization of individual vigilance in the eastern grey kangaroo?
O Pays, PJ Jarman, P Loisel, JF Gerard
Animal behaviour 73 (4), 595-604, 2007
The dynamics of group formation in large mammalian herbivores: an analysis in the European roe deer
O Pays, S Benhamou, R Helder, JF Gerard
Animal Behaviour 74 (5), 1429-1441, 2007
Detecting predators and locating competitors while foraging: an experimental study of a medium-sized herbivore in an African savanna
O Pays, P Blanchard, M Valeix, S Chamaillé-Jammes, P Duncan, ...
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Individual variation in the relationship between vigilance and group size in eastern grey kangaroos
AJ Carter, O Pays, AW Goldizen
Behavioral ecology and sociobiology 64 (2), 237-245, 2009
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O Pays, M Goulard, SP Blomberg, AW Goldizen, E Sirot, PJ Jarman
Behavioral Ecology 20 (3), 469-477, 2009
Vigilance and its complex synchrony in the red-necked pademelon, Thylogale thetis
O Pays, AL Dubot, PJ Jarman, P Loisel, AW Goldizen
Behavioral Ecology 20 (1), 22-29, 2009
Foraging in groups allows collective predator detection in a mammal species without alarm calls
O Pays, G Beauchamp, AJ Carter, AW Goldizen
Behavioral Ecology 24 (5), 1229-1236, 2013
Does sex affect both individual and collective vigilance in social mammalian herbivores: the case of the eastern grey kangaroo?
O Pays, PJ Jarman
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 62 (5), 757-767, 2008
A question of timing: spatio-temporal structure and mechanisms of early agriculture expansion in West Africa
S Ozainne, L Lespez, A Garnier, A Ballouche, K Neumann, O Pays, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 50, 359-368, 2014
Topographic wetness index predicts the occurrence of bird species in floodplains
AG Besnard, I La Jeunesse, O Pays, J Secondi
Diversity and Distributions 19 (8), 955-963, 2013
Within-population differences in personality and plasticity in the trade-off between vigilance and foraging in kangaroos
FR Favreau, AW Goldizen, H Fritz, SP Blomberg, EC Best, O Pays
Animal Behaviour 92, 175-184, 2014
Water turbidity affects the development of sexual morphology in the palmate newt
J Secondi, A Aumjaud, O Pays, S Boyer, D Montembault, D Violleau
Ethology 113 (7), 711-720, 2007
Collective vigilance in the greater kudu: towards a better understanding of synchronization patterns
O Pays, E Sirot, H Fritz
Ethology 118 (1), 1-9, 2012
On the advantages of mixed‐species groups: impalas adjust their vigilance when associated with larger prey herbivores
O Pays, A Ekori, H Fritz
Ethology 120 (12), 1207-1216, 2014
Group dynamics and landscape features constrain the exploration of herds in fusion-fission societies: the case of European roe deer
O Pays, D Fortin, J Gassani, J Duchesne
PLoS One 7 (3), e34678, 2012
Action-orientated research and framework: insights from the French long-term social-ecological research network
V Bretagnolle, M Benoît, M Bonnefond, V Breton, J Church, S Gaba, ...
Ecology and Society 24 (3), 10, 2019
Predators, food and social context shape the types of vigilance exhibited by kangaroos
FR Favreau, O Pays, H Fritz, M Goulard, EC Best, AW Goldizen
Animal Behaviour 99, 109-121, 2015
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