Farid Anvari
Farid Anvari
Institute of Psychology, University of Bern
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Justify your alpha
D Lakens, FG Adolfi, CJ Albers, F Anvari, MAJ Apps, SE Argamon, ...
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Use caution when applying behavioural science to policy
H IJzerman, NA Lewis Jr, AK Przybylski, N Weinstein, L DeBruine, ...
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Using anchor-based methods to determine the smallest effect size of interest
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The replicability crisis and public trust in psychological science
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The social psychology of whistleblowing: An integrated model
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Not all effects are indispensable: Psychological science requires verifiable lines of reasoning for whether an effect matters.
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Perspectives on Psychological Science, 2022
Examining the reproducibility of meta-analyses in psychology: A preliminary report
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Collective apology, hope, and forgiveness
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Bias in self-reports: An initial elevation phenomenon
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Misprediction of affective outcomes due to different evaluation modes: Replication and extension of two distinction bias experiments by Hsee and Zhang (2004)
F Anvari, J Olsen, HW Yiu, G Feldman
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A comment on Everett et al.(2020): No evidence for the effectiveness of moral messages on public health behavioural intentions during the COVID-19 pandemic
F Anvari
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Priming exploration across domains: does search in a spatial environment influence search in a cognitive environment?
F Anvari, D Marchiori
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An integrated and empirically tested social psychological model of whistleblowing
F Anvari
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A fragmented field: Construct and measure proliferation in psychology
F Anvari, T Alsalti, L Oehler, I Hussey, M Elson, RC Arslan
OSF, 2024
Testing the convergent validity, domain generality, and temporal stability of selected measures of people’s tendency to explore.
F Anvari, S Billinger, PP Analytis, VR Franco, D Marchiori
Assessing validity and bias of within-person variability in affect and personality
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No Initial Elevation on Personality Self-Reports in an Online Convenience Sample
F Anvari, RC Arslan, E Efendić, M Elson, IK Schneider
Collabra: Psychology 10 (1), 2024
Validity of the Anchor in Estimating the Smallest Subjectively Experienced Difference: Presenting an Anchor-Item Before vs After the Outcome Measure
F Anvari
Meta-Psychology 7, 2023
No initial elevation on personality self-reports
F Anvari, RC Arslan, E Efendic, M Elson, IK Schneider
Rethinking the memory-experience gap for affect: People underestimate, rather than overestimate, past affective experiences in memory
F Anvari, E Moeck, VR Franco, M Elson, IK Schneider
PsyArXiv, 2023
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