Florian Sikora
Florian Sikora
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Finding and counting vertex-colored subtrees
S Guillemot, F Sikora
Algorithmica 65 (4), 828-844, 2013
The Exemplar Breakpoint Distance for Non-trivial Genomes Cannot Be Approximated
G Blin, G Fertin, F Sikora, S Vialette
International Workshop on Algorithms and Computation, 357-368, 2009
Parameterized approximability of maximizing the spread of influence in networks
C Bazgan, M Chopin, A Nichterlein, F Sikora
Journal of Discrete Algorithms 27, 54-65, 2014
Querying graphs in protein-protein interactions networks using feedback vertex set
G Blin, F Sikora, S Vialette
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 7 (4), 628-635, 2010
GraMoFoNe: a Cytoscape plugin for querying motifs without topology in Protein-Protein Interactions networks
G Blin, F Sikora, S Vialette
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BICoB'10), 38–43, 2010
Multiparameterizations for max k-set cover and related satisfiability problems
E Bonnet, VT Paschos, F Sikora
CoRR abs/1309.4718, 2013
The graph motif problem parameterized by the structure of the input graph
É Bonnet, F Sikora
Discrete Applied Mathematics 231, 78-94, 2017
On the parameterized complexity of the repetition free longest common subsequence problem
G Blin, P Bonizzoni, R Dondi, F Sikora
Information Processing Letters 112 (7), 272-276, 2012
The PACE 2018 parameterized algorithms and computational experiments challenge: The third iteration
É Bonnet, F Sikora
IPEC 2018, 2018
Designing RNA secondary structures is hard
É Bonnet, P Rzążewski, F Sikora
Journal of Computational Biology 27 (3), 302-316, 2020
Parameterized inapproximability of target set selection and generalizations
C Bazgan, M Chopin, A Nichterlein, F Sikora
Computability 3 (2), 135-145, 2014
Complexity of Grundy coloring and its variants
É Bonnet, F Foucaud, EJ Kim, F Sikora
Discrete Applied Mathematics 243, 99-114, 2018
Some results on more flexible versions of graph motif
R Rizzi, F Sikora
Theory of Computing Systems 56 (4), 612-629, 2015
Complexity insights of the minimum duplication problem
G Blin, P Bonizzoni, R Dondi, R Rizzi, F Sikora
Theoretical Computer Science 530, 66-79, 2014
Extension of vertex cover and independent set in some classes of graphs
K Casel, H Fernau, MK Ghadikoalei, J Monnot, F Sikora
International Conference on Algorithms and Complexity, 124-136, 2019
Covering a graph with clubs
R Dondi, G Mauri, F Sikora, Z Italo
Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications 23 (2), 2019
An (almost complete) state of the art around the graph motif problem
F Sikora
Université Paris-Est Technical reports, 2012
QPTAS and subexponential algorithm for maximum clique on disk graphs
É Bonnet, P Giannopoulos, EJ Kim, P Rzążewski, F Sikora
arXiv preprint arXiv:1712.05010, 2017
Aspects algorithmiques de la comparaison d'éléments biologiques
F Sikora
Paris Est, 2011
Algorithmic aspects of heterogeneous biological networks comparison
G Blin, G Fertin, H Mohamed-Babou, I Rusu, F Sikora, S Vialette
International Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications, 272-286, 2011
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