Anders Verket
Anders Verket
Associate Professor, Department of Periodontology, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo
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Sitert av
Porous ceramic titanium dioxide scaffolds promote bone formation in rabbit peri-implant cortical defect model
HJ Haugen, M Monjo, M Rubert, A Verket, SP Lyngstadaas, JE Ellingsen, ...
Acta biomaterialia 9 (2), 5390-5399, 2013
Bone formation in TiO2 bone scaffolds in extraction sockets of minipigs
H Tiainen, JC Wohlfahrt, A Verket, SP Lyngstadaas, HJ Haugen
Acta biomaterialia 8 (6), 2384-2391, 2012
Enhanced osteoblast differentiation on scaffolds coated with TiO2 compared to SiO2 and CaP coatings
A Verket, H Tiainen, HJ Haugen, SP Lyngstadaas, O Nilsen, JE Reseland
Biointerphases 7 (1), 1-10, 2012
Maxillary sinus augmentation with porous titanium granules: a microcomputed tomography and histologic evaluation of human biopsy specimens.
A Verket, S Lyngstadaas, L Rasmusson, HR Haanæs, M Wallström, ...
International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants 28 (3), 2013
Osseointegration of dental implants in extraction sockets preserved with porous titanium granules–an experimental study
A Verket, SP Lyngstadaas, HJ Rønold, JC Wohlfahrt
Clinical Oral Implants Research 25 (2), e100-e108, 2014
Alginate hydrogel enriched with enamel matrix derivative to target osteogenic cell differentiation in TiO2 scaffolds
H Pullisaar, A Verket, K Szoke, H Tiainen, HJ Haugen, JE Brinchmann, ...
Journal of Tissue Engineering 6, 2041731415575870, 2015
Prevalence of periodontitis based on the 2017 classification in a Norwegian population: The HUNT study
IH Stødle, A Verket, H Høvik, A Sen, OC Koldsland
Journal of clinical periodontology 48 (9), 1189-1199, 2021
Impact of particulate deproteinized bovine bone mineral and porous titanium granules on early stability and osseointegration of dental implants in narrow marginal …
A Verket, SP Lyngstadaas, H Tiainen, HJ Rønold, JC Wohlfahrt
International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 47 (8), 1086-1094, 2018
Experimental implantoplasty outcomes correlate with fibroblast growth in vitro
M Beheshti Maal, S Aanerød Ellingsen, JE Reseland, A Verket
BMC Oral Health 20 (1), 1-11, 2020
TiO2 scaffolds in peri‐implant dehiscence defects: an experimental pilot study
A Verket, B Müller, JC Wohlfahrt, SP Lyngstadaas, JE Ellingsen, ...
Clinical oral implants research 27 (10), 1200-1206, 2016
Titanium granules for augmentation of the maxillary sinus–a multicenter study
SP Lyngstadaas, A Verket, EM Pinholt, C Mertens, HR Haanæs, G Wall, ...
Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research 17, e594-e600, 2015
Dimensional Ridge Preservation with a Novel Highly Porous TiO 2 Scaffold: An Experimental Study in Minipigs
H Tiainen, A Verket, HJ Haugen, SP Lyngstadaas, JC Wohlfahrt
International Journal of Biomaterials 2012, 2012
Guided bone regeneration of chronic non‐contained bone defects using a volume stable porous block TiO2 scaffold: An experimental in vivo study
MKL Thieu, HJ Haugen, J Sanz‐Esporrin, M Sanz, SP Lyngstadaas, ...
Clinical Oral Implants Research 32 (3), 369-381, 2021
Implantoplasty-provoking or reducing inflammation?–a systematic scoping review
M Beheshti Maal, A Verket
Acta Odontologica Scandinavica 80 (2), 105-116, 2022
Impact of simultaneous placement of implant and block bone graft substitute: an in vivo peri-implant defect model
MK Le Thieu, A Homayouni, LR Hæren, H Tiainen, A Verket, JE Ellingsen, ...
Biomaterials Research 25 (1), 1-10, 2021
Peri-Implant Health and the Knowing-Doing Gap—A Digital Survey on Procedures and Therapies
B Hussain, HJ Haugen, AM Aass, M Sanz, GN Antonoglou, P Bouchard, ...
Frontiers in Dental Medicine 2, 726607, 2021
Ulcerative Colitis And Periodontitis–A Cross Sectional Study From A Norwegian Cohort Diagnosed With Ulcerative Colitis For More Than 10 Years
HO Haugbo, P Klepp, A Verket
Experimental implantoplasty outcomes correlate with fibroblast growth in vitro
MB Maal, SA Ellingsen, JE Reseland, A Verket
BMC oral health 20 (1), 1-11, 2020
Experimental implantoplasty outcomes correlate with fibroblast growth in vitro
SA Ellingsen, MB Maal, JE Reseland, A Verket
Microcomputed Tomography and Histologic Analysis of a Maxillary Implant Retrieved 19 Months After Placement and Indirect Sinus Augmentation With Biphasic Calcium Phosphate: A …
A Verket, SP Lyngstadaas, HJ Rønold, JC Wohlfahrt
Clinical Advances in Periodontics 4 (1), 38-42, 2014
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