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“That’s not a real body”: Identifying stimulus qualities that modulate synaesthetic experiences of touch
H Holle, M Banissy, T Wright, N Bowling, J Ward
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Emotion expression modulates perception of animacy from faces
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Individual differences in vicarious pain perception linked to heightened socially elicited emotional states
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NC Bowling, MJ Banissy
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Associations between tactile intimacy and sleep quality in healthy adults: A systematic review
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Attitudes to interpersonal touch in the workplace in autistic and non-autistic groups
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Perspectives on interpersonal touch are related to subjective sleep quality
AL Dueren, NC Bowling, A Vafeiadou, JJ Madrid‐Valero, C Hammond, ...
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A Vafeiadou, NC Bowling, C Hammond, MJ Banissy
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Sleep in adults from the UK during the first few months of the coronavirus outbreak
JJ Madrid‐Valero, N Bowling, A Vafeiadou, DJ Buysse, MJ Banissy, ...
Journal of sleep research 31 (2), e13465, 2022
Distinguishing self from other in vicarious perception of touch and pain
NC Bowling
Goldsmiths, University of London, 2018
Atypical emotion sharing in individuals with mirror sensory synaesthesia
I Santiesteban, C Hales, NC Bowling, J Ward, MJ Banissy
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Exploring the association of Touch Absence on Mental Well-being and Loneliness: A Study on Individual Differences
A Vafeiadou, N Bowling, MJ Banissy
OSF, 2024
Exploring individual differences in empathy using data from the Touch Test
MJ Banissy, N Bowling, C Edgar, T Penton
OSF, 2020
Tactile Imagery and Body Acceptance
N Bowling, MJ Banissy, A Vafeiadou
OSF, 2020
Sleep during the coronavirus pandemic
JJ Madrid-Valero, A Gregory, MJ Banissy, N Bowling
OSF, 2020
Extraversion and Attachment Style Predict Attitudes Towards Social Touch
NC Bowling, A Vafeiadou, C Hammond, MJ Banissy
Available at SSRN 4706908, 0
The Touch Test: Attitudes Towards and Experiences of Touch, 2020
N Bowling, A Vafeiadou, M Banissy
UK Data Service, 0
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