Vincenzo Calemma
Vincenzo Calemma
ENI, San Donato Mil.se, Italy
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Evidence for the protonation of basal plane sites on carbon
CAL y Leon, JM Solar, V Calemma, LR Radovic
Carbon 30 (5), 797-811, 1992
Structural characterization of asphaltenes of different origins
V Calemma, P Iwanski, M Nali, R Scotti, L Montanari
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V Calemma, S Peratello, C Perego
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FT-ir study of coal oxidation at low temperature
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Characterization of asphaltenes molecular structure
V Calemma, R Rausa, P D'anton, L Montanari
Energy & Fuels 12 (2), 422-428, 1998
Middle distillates from hydrocracking of FT waxes: Composition, characteristics and emission properties
V Calemma, C Gambaro, WO Parker Jr, R Carbone, R Giardino, ...
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Oligomerization of olefins from Light Cracking Naphtha over zeolite-based catalyst for the production of high quality diesel fuel
G Bellussi, F Mizia, V Calemma, P Pollesel, R Millini
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 164, 127-134, 2012
Selective ring opening of naphthenes: From mechanistic studies with a model feed to the upgrading of a hydrotreated light cycle oil
V Calemma, M Ferrari, S Rabl, J Weitkamp
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Hydrocracking of long chain linear paraffins
I Rossetti, C Gambaro, V Calemma
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Catalysis today 106 (1-4), 282-287, 2005
Hydrocracking and hydroisomerization of long-chain n-paraffins. Reactivity and reaction pathway for base oil formation
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L Pellegrini, S Locatelli, S Rasella, S Bonomi, V Calemma
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High-performance ring-opening catalysts based on iridium-containing zeolite Beta in the hydroconversion of decalin
D Santi, T Holl, V Calemma, J Weitkamp
Applied Catalysis A: General 455, 46-57, 2013
Liquid fuels from Fischer–Tropsch wax hydrocracking: Isomer distribution
S Gamba, LA Pellegrini, V Calemma, C Gambaro
Catalysis Today 156 (1-2), 58-64, 2010
Modelling of hydrocracking with vapour–liquid equilibrium
LA Pellegrini, S Gamba, V Calemma, S Bonomi
Chemical Engineering Science 63 (17), 4285-4291, 2008
Changes in coal structure accompanying the formation of regenerated humic acids during air oxidation
V Calemma, P Iwanski, R Rausa, E Girardi
Fuel 73 (5), 700-707, 1994
Determination of molecular size distributions of humic acids by high-performance size-exclusion chromatography
R Rausa, V Calemma
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Catalytic ring opening of decalin on Ir-and Pt-containing zeolite Y–Influence of the nature of the charge-compensating alkali cations
S Rabl, D Santi, A Haas, M Ferrari, V Calemma, G Bellussi, J Weitkamp
Microporous and mesoporous materials 146 (1-3), 190-200, 2011
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