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Douda Bensasson
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Population genomics of domestic and wild yeasts
G Liti, DM Carter, AM Moses, J Warringer, L Parts, SA James, RP Davey, ...
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Mitochondrial pseudogenes: evolution's misplaced witnesses
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Size matters: non-LTR retrotransposable elements and ectopic recombination in Drosophila
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Rates of DNA duplication and mitochondrial DNA insertion in the human genome
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Genes without frontiers?
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Diverse Lineages of Candida albicans Live on Old Oaks
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Rapid evolution of yeast centromeres in the absence of drive
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Summer temperature can predict the distribution of wild yeast populations
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The rise and falls of introns
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Adaptive divergence in wine yeasts and their wild relatives suggests a prominent role for introgressions and rapid evolution at noncoding sites
P Almeida, R Barbosa, D Bensasson, P Gonçalves, JP Sampaio
Molecular Ecology 26 (7), 2167-2182, 2017
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