Corinna Pehrs
Corinna Pehrs
Northwestern University
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Sitert av
Effects of sad and happy music on mind-wandering and the default mode network
L Taruffi, C Pehrs, S Skouras, S Koelsch
Scientific reports 7 (1), 14396, 2017
Emotional picture and word processing: an fMRI study on effects of stimulus complexity
LH Schlochtermeier, L Kuchinke, C Pehrs, K Urton, H Kappelhoff, ...
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The temporal pole top-down modulates the ventral visual stream during social cognition
C Pehrs, J Zaki, LH Schlochtermeier, AM Jacobs, L Kuchinke, S Koelsch
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The eyes have it: the role of attention in cognitive reappraisal of social stimuli.
V Manera, AC Samson, C Pehrs, IA Lee, JJ Gross
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How music alters a kiss: superior temporal gyrus controls fusiform–amygdalar effective connectivity
C Pehrs, L Deserno, JH Bakels, LH Schlochtermeier, H Kappelhoff, ...
Social cognitive and affective neuroscience 9 (11), 1770-1778, 2014
Alterations of cerebral glutamate in the euthymic state of patients with bipolar disorder
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LH Schlochtermeier, C Pehrs, L Kuchinke, H Kappelhoff, AM Jacobs
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Trait empathy shapes neural responses toward sad music
L Taruffi, S Skouras, C Pehrs, S Koelsch
Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience 21 (1), 231-241, 2021
Hippocampal-temporopolar connectivity contributes to episodic simulation during social cognition
C Pehrs, J Zaki, L Taruffi, L Kuchinke, S Koelsch
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Reward and loss anticipation in panic disorder: An fMRI study
D Held-Poschardt, P Sterzer, F Schlagenhauf, C Pehrs, A Wittmann, ...
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Comparison of four fMRI paradigms probing emotion processing
C Hartling, S Metz, C Pehrs, M Scheidegger, R Gruzman, C Keicher, ...
Brain Sciences 11 (5), 525, 2021
Context matters: anterior and posterior cortical midline responses to sad movie scenes
LH Schlochtermeier, C Pehrs, JH Bakels, AM Jacobs, H Kappelhoff, ...
Brain Research 1661, 24-36, 2017
The quartet theory: implications for autism Spectrum disorder
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RJ Murray, SD Kreibig, C Pehrs, P Vuilleumier, JJ Gross, AC Samson
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Neural Network Dynamics During Socio-Emotional Cue-Integration
C Pehrs
Emotional Picture and Word Processing: An fMRI Study on Effects of
LH Schlochtermeier, L Kuchinke, C Pehrs, K Urton, H Kappelhoff
Cortical glutamate is linked to reward related ventral striate activity–A study combining fMRI and MRS at 3 T
F Schubert, R Bruehl, F Seifert, J Reuter, M Voss, T Dembler, N Klein, ...
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