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Charles Lin
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Master transcription factors and mediator establish super-enhancers at key cell identity genes
WA Whyte, DA Orlando, D Hnisz, BJ Abraham, CY Lin, MH Kagey, ...
Cell 153 (2), 307-319, 2013
Selective inhibition of tumor oncogenes by disruption of super-enhancers
J Lovén, HA Hoke, CY Lin, A Lau, DA Orlando, CR Vakoc, JE Bradner, ...
Cell 153 (2), 320-334, 2013
Transcriptional amplification in tumor cells with elevated c-Myc
CY Lin, J Lovén, PB Rahl, RM Paranal, CB Burge, JE Bradner, TI Lee, ...
Cell 151 (1), 56-67, 2012
c-Myc regulates transcriptional pause release
PB Rahl, CY Lin, AC Seila, RA Flynn, S McCuine, CB Burge, PA Sharp, ...
Cell 141 (3), 432-445, 2010
Discovery and characterization of super-enhancer-associated dependencies in diffuse large B cell lymphoma
B Chapuy, MR McKeown, CY Lin, S Monti, MGM Roemer, J Qi, PB Rahl, ...
Cancer cell 24 (6), 777-790, 2013
Revisiting global gene expression analysis
J Lovén, DA Orlando, AA Sigova, CY Lin, PB Rahl, CB Burge, DL Levens, ...
Cell 151 (3), 476-482, 2012
NF-κB directs dynamic super enhancer formation in inflammation and atherogenesis
JD Brown, CY Lin, Q Duan, G Griffin, AJ Federation, RM Paranal, S Bair, ...
Molecular cell 56 (2), 219-231, 2014
Response and resistance to BET bromodomain inhibitors in triple-negative breast cancer
S Shu, CY Lin, HH He, RM Witwicki, DP Tabassum, JM Roberts, ...
Nature 529 (7586), 413-417, 2016
Divergent transcription of long noncoding RNA/mRNA gene pairs in embryonic stem cells
AA Sigova, AC Mullen, B Molinie, S Gupta, DA Orlando, MG Guenther, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (8), 2876-2881, 2013
DHODH modulates transcriptional elongation in the neural crest and melanoma
RM White, J Cech, S Ratanasirintrawoot, CY Lin, PB Rahl, CJ Burke, ...
Nature 471 (7339), 518-522, 2011
Convergence of developmental and oncogenic signaling pathways at transcriptional super-enhancers
D Hnisz, J Schuijers, CY Lin, AS Weintraub, BJ Abraham, TI Lee, ...
Molecular cell 58 (2), 362-370, 2015
BET bromodomains mediate transcriptional pause release in heart failure
P Anand, JD Brown, CY Lin, J Qi, R Zhang, PC Artero, MA Alaiti, J Bullard, ...
Cell 154 (3), 569-582, 2013
Global control of cell-cycle transcription by coupled CDK and network oscillators
DA Orlando, CY Lin, A Bernard, JY Wang, JES Socolar, ES Iversen, ...
Nature 453 (7197), 944-947, 2008
Active medulloblastoma enhancers reveal subgroup-specific cellular origins
CY Lin, S Erkek, Y Tong, L Yin, AJ Federation, M Zapatka, P Haldipur, ...
Nature 530 (7588), 57-62, 2016
BET bromodomain proteins function as master transcription elongation factors independent of CDK9 recruitment
GE Winter, A Mayer, DL Buckley, MA Erb, JE Roderick, S Vittori, JM Reyes, ...
Molecular cell 67 (1), 5-18. e19, 2017
SR proteins collaborate with 7SK and promoter-associated nascent RNA to release paused polymerase
X Ji, Y Zhou, S Pandit, J Huang, H Li, CY Lin, R Xiao, CB Burge, XD Fu
Cell 153 (4), 855-868, 2013
Models of human core transcriptional regulatory circuitries
V Saint-André, AJ Federation, CY Lin, BJ Abraham, J Reddy, TI Lee, ...
Genome research 26 (3), 385-396, 2016
Epigenomic analysis detects aberrant super-enhancer DNA methylation in human cancer
H Heyn, E Vidal, HJ Ferreira, M Vizoso, S Sayols, A Gomez, S Moran, ...
Genome biology 17 (1), 1-16, 2016
In vivo base editing rescues Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome in mice
LW Koblan, MR Erdos, C Wilson, WA Cabral, JM Levy, ZM Xiong, ...
Nature 589 (7843), 608-614, 2021
Mutant NPM1 maintains the leukemic state through HOX expression
L Brunetti, MC Gundry, D Sorcini, AG Guzman, YH Huang, ...
Cancer cell 34 (3), 499-512. e9, 2018
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