Daniel Graham
Daniel Graham
Faculty of Science Senior Research Officer, LJMU
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Sitert av
Magnetoresistive-based biosensors and biochips
DL Graham, HA Ferreira, PP Freitas
TRENDS in Biotechnology 22 (9), 455-462, 2004
Biodetection using magnetically labeled biomolecules and arrays of spin valve sensors
HA Ferreira, DL Graham, PP Freitas, JMS Cabral
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Single magnetic microsphere placement and detection on-chip using current line designs with integrated spin valve sensors: Biotechnological applications
DL Graham, H Ferreira, J Bernardo, PP Freitas, JMS Cabral
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Planar Hall effect sensor for magnetic micro-and nanobead detection
L Ejsing, MF Hansen, AK Menon, HA Ferreira, DL Graham, PP Freitas
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DL Graham, HA Ferreira, PP Freitas, JMS Cabral
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Acute cyanide poisoning complicated by lactic acidosis and pulmonary edema
DL Graham, D Laman, J Theodore, ED Robin
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Magnetic field-assisted DNA hybridisation and simultaneous detection using micron-sized spin-valve sensors and magnetic nanoparticles
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Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 107 (2), 936-944, 2005
Biochemistry and biotechnology of mesophilic and thermophilic nitrile metabolizing enzymes
D Cowan, R Cramp, R Pereira, D Graham, Q Almatawah
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On-chip manipulation and magnetization assessment of magnetic bead ensembles by integrated spin-valve sensors
L Lagae, R Wirix-Speetjens, J Das, D Graham, H Ferreira, PPF Freitas, ...
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A novel thermostable nitrile hydratase
RA Pereira, D Graham, FA Rainey, DA Cowan
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Nitrile biotransformations using free and immobilized cells of a thermophilic Bacillus spp.
D Graham, R Pereira, D Barfield, D Cowan
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Magnetic microbead detection using the planar Hall effect
L Ejsing, MF Hansen, AK Menon, HA Ferreira, DL Graham, PP Freitas
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 293 (1), 677-684, 2005
Detection of cystic fibrosis related DNA targets using AC field focusing of magnetic labels and spin-valve sensors
HA Ferreira, DL Graham, N Feliciano, LA Clarke, MD Amaral, PP Freitas
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Rapid DNA hybridization based on ac field focusing of magnetically labeled target DNA
HA Ferreira, N Feliciano, DL Graham, LA Clarke, MD Amaral, PP Freitas
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Understanding human immune function using the resources from the Human Functional Genomics Project
MG Netea, LAB Joosten, Y Li, V Kumar, M Oosting, S Smeekens, ...
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Magnetic biosensors for genetic screening of cystic fibrosis
L Lagae, R Wirix-Speetjens, CX Liu, W Laureyn, G Borghs, S Harvey, ...
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Effect of spin-valve sensor magnetostatic fields on nanobead detection for biochip applications
HA Ferreira, N Feliciano, DL Graham, PP Freitas
Journal of applied physics 97 (10), 10Q904, 2005
Method for preparing a pharmaceutically active enantiomeric or enantiomerically enriched sulfoxide compound by enantioselective bioreduction of a racemate sulfoxide compound
D Graham, R Holt, P Lindberg, S Taylor
US Patent 5,776,765, 1998
Magnetoresistive DNA chips
PP Freitas, HA Ferreira, DL Graham, LA Clarke, MD Amaral, V Martins, ...
Magnetoelectronics, 331-386, 2004
Asymmetric reduction of racemic sulfoxides by dimethyl sulfoxide reductases from Rhodobacter capsulatus, Escherichia coli and Proteus species
SP Hanlon, DL Graham, PJ Hogan, RA Holt, CD Reeve, AL Shaw, ...
Microbiology 144 (8), 2247-2253, 1998
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