Christelle Fraïsse
Christelle Fraïsse
CNRS UMR8198 - Lille University
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Shedding light on the grey zone of speciation along a continuum of genomic divergence
C Roux, C Fraisse, J Romiguier, Y Anciaux, N Galtier, N Bierne
PLoS biology 14 (12), e2000234, 2016
Local interspecies introgression is the main cause of extreme levels of intraspecific differentiation in mussels
C Fraïsse, K Belkhir, JJ Welch, N Bierne
Molecular ecology 25 (1), 269-286, 2016
The origin and remolding of genomic islands of differentiation in the European sea bass
PAG M Duranton, F Allal, C Fraïsse, N Bierne, F Bonhomme
Nature Communications 9, 2518, 2018
Can we continue to neglect genomic variation in introgression rates when inferring the history of speciation? A case study in a Mytilus hybrid zone
C Roux, C Fraïsse, V Castric, X Vekemans, GH Pogson, N Bierne
Journal of evolutionary biology 27 (8), 1662-1675, 2014
The deep conservation of the Lepidoptera Z chromosome suggests a non-canonical origin of the W
C Fraïsse, MAL Picard, B Vicoso
Nature Communications 8, 1486, 2017
Adaptive evolution and segregating load contribute to the genomic landscape of divergence in two tree species connected by episodic gene flow
C Christe, KN Stölting, M Paris, C Fraїsse, N Bierne, C Lexer
Molecular ecology 26 (1), 59-76, 2017
Gene-flow in a mosaic hybrid zone: is local introgression adaptive?
C Fraïsse, C Roux, JJ Welch, N Bierne
Genetics 197 (3), 939-951, 2014
The genetics of speciation: Insights from Fisher's geometric model
C Fraïsse, PA Gunnarsson, D Roze, N Bierne, JJ Welch
Evolution 70 (7), 1450-1464, 2016
Mating system variation in hybrid zones: facilitation, barriers and asymmetries to gene flow
M Pickup, Y Brandvain, C Fraisse, S Yakimowski, NH Barton, T Dixit, ...
New Phytologist, 2019
The genetics of speciation: are complex incompatibilities easier to evolve?
C Fraïsse, JAD Elderfield, JJ Welch
Journal of evolutionary biology 27 (4), 688-699, 2014
The divergence history of European blue mussel species reconstructed from Approximate Bayesian Computation: the effects of sequencing techniques and sampling strategies.
C Fraisse, C Roux, PA Gagnaire, J Romiguier, N Faivre, JJ Welch, ...
PeerJ 6, e51986, 2018
DILS : Demographic Inferences with Linked Selection by using ABC
C Fraisse, I Popovic, C Mazoyer, B Spataro, S Delmotte, J Romiguier, ...
Mol Ecol Resour., 2021
How do species barriers decay? Concordance and local introgression in mosaic hybrid zones of mussels
A Simon, C Fraïsse, T El Ayari, C Liautard-Haag, P Strelkov, JJ Welch, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 2020
Pleiotropy modulates the efficacy of selection in Drosophila melanogaster
C FraÏsse, G Puixeu Sala, B Vicoso
Molecular Biology Evolution, 2019
The distribution of epistasis on simple fitness landscapes
C Fraisse, JJ Welch
Biology Letters 15 (4), 2019
Fine-grained habitat-associated genetic connectivity in an admixed population of mussels in the small isolated Kerguelen island
C Fraisse, A Haguenauer, K Gerard, AAT Weber, N Bierne, A Chenuil
Peer Community Journal 1 (article no. e10), https://doi.org/10.24072 …, 2021
The rates of introgression and barriers to genetic exchange between hybridizing species: sex chromosomes vs. autosomes
C Fraïsse, H Sachdeva
Genetics, 2020
An introgression breakthrough left by an anthropogenic contact between two ascidians
A Le Moan, C Roby, C Fraisse, C Daguin-Thiébaut, N Bierne, F Viard
Molecular Ecology 30 (24), 6718-6732, 2021
Genomic inference of complex domestication histories in three Solanaceae species
S Arnoux, C Fraïsse, C Sauvage
Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 2020
Introgression between highly divergent sea squirt genomes: an adaptive breakthrough?
C Fraïsse, A Le Moan, C Roux, G Dubois, C Daguin-Thiebaut, ...
Peer Community Journal 2 (e54), 2022
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