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Henning Holle
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The role of iconic gestures in speech disambiguation: ERP evidence
H Holle, TC Gunter
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 19 (7), 1175-1192, 2007
Neural correlates of the processing of co-speech gestures
H Holle, TC Gunter, SA Rüschemeyer, A Hennenlotter, M Iacoboni
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H Holle, J Obleser, SA Rueschemeyer, TC Gunter
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Neural basis of contagious itch and why some people are more prone to it
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H Holle, N McLatchie, S Maurer, J Ward
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Imitation and observational learning of hand actions: prefrontal involvement and connectivity
S Higuchi, H Holle, N Roberts, SB Eickhoff, S Vogt
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Gesture facilitates the syntactic analysis of speech
H Holle, C Obermeier, M Schmidt-Kassow, AD Friederici, J Ward, ...
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EasyDIAg: A tool for easy determination of interrater agreement
H Holle, R Rein
Behavior research methods 47, 837-847, 2015
Functional and structural brain differences associated with mirror-touch synaesthesia
H Holle, MJ Banissy, J Ward
Neuroimage 83, 1041-1050, 2013
Personality traits in people with synaesthesia: Do synaesthetes have an atypical personality profile?
MJ Banissy, H Holle, J Cassell, L Annett, E Tsakanikos, V Walsh, ...
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What iconic gesture fragments reveal about gesture–speech integration: When synchrony is lost, memory can help
C Obermeier, H Holle, TC Gunter
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 23 (7), 1648-1663, 2011
“That’s not a real body”: Identifying stimulus qualities that modulate synaesthetic experiences of touch
H Holle, M Banissy, T Wright, N Bowling, J Ward
Consciousness and cognition 20 (3), 720-726, 2011
Hand gestures as visual prosody: BOLD responses to audio–visual alignment are modulated by the communicative nature of the stimuli
E Biau, LM Fernández, H Holle, C Avila, S Soto-Faraco
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D Koester, H Holle, TC Gunter
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Transcranial magnetic stimulation over left inferior frontal and posterior temporal cortex disrupts gesture-speech integration
W Zhao, K Riggs, I Schindler, H Holle
Journal of Neuroscience 38 (8), 1891-1900, 2018
The modified Cohen’s kappa: Calculating interrater agreement for segmentation and annotation
H Holle, R Rein
Understanding body movement: A guide to empirical research on nonverbal …, 2013
Inconsistent use of gesture space during abstract pointing impairs language comprehension
TC Gunter, JED Weinbrenner, H Holle
Frontiers in psychology 6, 80, 2015
Contagious scratching: shared feelings but not shared body locations
J Ward, V Burckhardt, H Holle
Frontiers in human neuroscience 7, 122, 2013
The time course of lexical access in morphologically complex words
H Holle, TC Gunter, D Koester
Neuroreport 21 (5), 319-323, 2010
Assessing acute itch intensity: general labelled magnitude scale is more reliable than classic visual analogue scale
O Jones, I Schindler, H Holle
Acta dermato-venereologica 97 (3), 375-376, 2017
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