Marshall A. Schroeder
Marshall A. Schroeder
Materials Engineer and Team Lead at DEVCOM U.S. Army Research Laboratory
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Quantifying inactive lithium in lithium metal batteries
C Fang, J Li, M Zhang, Y Zhang, F Yang, JZ Lee, MH Lee, J Alvarado, ...
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Next-Generation Lithium Metal Anode Engineering via Atomic Layer Deposition
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“Water‐in‐salt” electrolyte makes aqueous sodium‐ion battery safe, green, and long‐lasting
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Liquid structure with nano-heterogeneity promotes cationic transport in concentrated electrolytes
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Deciphering the ethylene carbonate–propylene carbonate mystery in Li-ion batteries
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Enhancing the Reversibility of Mg/S Battery Chemistry through Li+ Mediation
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An all-in-one nanopore battery array
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Critical factors dictating reversibility of the zinc metal anode
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Atomic Layer Deposition and in Situ Characterization of Ultraclean Lithium Oxide and Lithium Hydroxide
AC Kozen, AJ Pearse, CF Lin, MA Schroeder, M Noked, SB Lee, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (48), 27749-27753, 2014
In situ formation of polymer-inorganic solid-electrolyte interphase for stable polymeric solid-state lithium-metal batteries
T Deng, L Cao, X He, AM Li, D Li, J Xu, S Liu, P Bai, T Jin, L Ma, ...
Chem 7 (11), 3052-3068, 2021
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