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William Lahoz
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The GCM-Reality Intercomparison Project for SPARC (GRIPS): Scientific issues and initial results
S Pawson, K Kodera, K Hamilton, TG Shepherd, SR Beagley, BA Boville, ...
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ESA CCI Soil Moisture for improved Earth system understanding: State-of-the art and future directions
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The ASSET intercomparison of ozone analyses: method and first results
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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 6 (12), 5445-5474, 2006
Major stratospheric warming in the Southern Hemisphere in 2002: Dynamical aspects of the ozone hole split
M Baldwin
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Sensitivity of tropospheric forecasts to stratospheric initial conditions
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Mobile technologies and services for environmental monitoring: The Citi-Sense-MOB approach
N Castell, M Kobernus, HY Liu, P Schneider, W Lahoz, AJ Berre, J Noll
Urban climate 14, 370-382, 2015
Validation of UARS microwave limb sounder ClO measurements
JW Waters, WG Read, L Froidevaux, TA Lungu, VS Perun, RA Stachnik, ...
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Simulations of dynamics and transport during the September 2002 Antarctic major warming
GL Manney, JL Sabutis, DR Allen, WA Lahoz, AA Scaife, CE Randall, ...
Journal of the atmospheric sciences 62 (3), 690-707, 2005
4D-Var assimilation of MIPAS chemical observations: ozone and nitrogen dioxide analyses
Q Errera, F Daerden, S Chabrillat, JC Lambert, WA Lahoz, S Viscardy, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 8 (20), 6169-6187, 2008
Data assimilation of stratospheric constituents: a review
WA Lahoz, Q Errera, R Swinbank, D Fonteyn
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 7 (22), 5745-5773, 2007
The Assimilation of Envisat data (ASSET) project
WA Lahoz, AJ Geer, S Bekki, N Bormann, S Ceccherini, H Elbern, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 7 (7), 1773-1796, 2007
The splitting of the stratospheric polar vortex in the Southern Hemisphere, September 2002: Dynamical evolution
AJ Charlton, A O’Neill, WA Lahoz, P Berrisford
Journal of the atmospheric sciences 62 (3), 590-602, 2005
Can knowledge of the state of the stratosphere be used to improve statistical forecasts of the troposphere?
AJ Charlton, A O'Neill, DB Stephenson, WA Lahoz, MP Baldwin
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Data assimilation: making sense of Earth Observation
WA Lahoz, P Schneider
Frontiers in Environmental Science 2, 16, 2014
Vortex dynamics and the evolution of water vapour in the stratosphere of the southern hemisphere
WA Lahoz, A O'Neill, A Heaps, VD Pope, R Swinbank, RS Harwood, ...
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 122 (530), 423-450, 1996
Simulation of the December 1998 stratospheric major warming
GL Manney, WA Lahoz, R Swinbank, A O'neill, PM Connew, RW Zurek
Geophysical research letters 26 (17), 2733-2736, 1999
Validation of UARS microwave limb sounder 183 GHz H2O measurements
WA Lahoz, MR Suttie, L Froidevaux, RS Harwood, CL Lau, TA Lungu, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 101 (D6), 10129-10149, 1996
Optical properties of different aerosol types: seven years of combined Raman-elastic backscatter lidar measurements in Thessaloniki, Greece
E Giannakaki, DS Balis, V Amiridis, C Zerefos
Atmospheric measurement techniques 3 (3), 569-578, 2010
An observing system simulation experiment to evaluate the scientific merit of wind and ozone measurements from the future SWIFT instrument
WA Lahoz, R Brugge, DR Jackson, S Migliorini, R Swinbank, D Lary, ...
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 131 (606), 503-523, 2005
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