Jostein Natvig
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Open-source MATLAB implementation of consistent discretisations on complex grids
KA Lie, S Krogstad, IS Ligaarden, JR Natvig, HM Nilsen, B Skaflestad
Computational Geosciences 16, 297-322, 2012
Well-balanced finite volume schemes of arbitrary order of accuracy for shallow water flows
S Noelle, N Pankratz, G Puppo, JR Natvig
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Solving the Euler equations on graphics processing units
TR Hagen, KA Lie, JR Natvig
Computational Science–ICCS 2006: 6th International Conference, Reading, UK …, 2006
Fast computation of multiphase flow in porous media by implicit discontinuous Galerkin schemes with optimal ordering of elements
JR Natvig, KA Lie
Journal of Computational physics 227 (24), 10108-10124, 2008
Visual simulation of shallow-water waves
TR Hagen, JM Hjelmervik, KA Lie, JR Natvig, MO Henriksen
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Operator splitting methods for systems of convection–diffusion equations: nonlinear error mechanisms and correction strategies
KH Karlsen, KA Lie, JR Natvig, HF Nordhaug, HK Dahle
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A real-field multiscale black-oil reservoir simulator
A Kozlova, Z Li, JR Natvig, S Watanabe, Y Zhou, K Bratvedt, SH Lee
SPE Journal 21 (06), 2049-2061, 2016
Constrained pressure residual multiscale (CPR-MS) method for fully implicit simulation of multiphase flow in porous media
M Cusini, AA Lukyanov, J Natvig, H Hajibeygi
Journal of Computational Physics 299, 472-486, 2015
Successful application of multiscale methods in a real reservoir simulator environment
KA Lie, O Møyner, JR Natvig, A Kozlova, K Bratvedt, S Watanabe, Z Li
ECMOR XV-15th European conference on the mathematics of oil recovery, cp-494 …, 2016
Multiscale mimetic solvers for efficient streamline simulation of fractured reservoirs
JR Natvig, B Skaflestad, F Bratvedt, K Bratvedt, KA Lie, V Laptev, ...
Spe Journal 16 (04), 880-888, 2011
An efficient discontinuous Galerkin method for advective transport in porous media
JR Natvig, KA Lie, B Eikemo, I Berre
Advances in water resources 30 (12), 2424-2438, 2007
A multiscale mixed finite-element solver for three-phase black-oil flow
S Krogstad, KA Lie, HM Nilsen, JR Natvig, B Skaflestad, JE Aarnes
SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference?, SPE-118993-MS, 2009
Simulation and visualization of the Saint-Venant system using GPUs
AR Brodtkorb, TR Hagen, KA Lie, JR Natvig
Computing and Visualization in Science 13, 341-353, 2010
Flow-based coarsening for multiscale simulation of transport in porous media
VL Hauge, KA Lie, JR Natvig
Computational Geosciences 16 (2), 391-408, 2012
Accurate modeling of faults by multipoint, mimetic, and mixed methods
HM Nilsen, KA Lie, JR Natvig
SPE journal 17 (02), 568-579, 2012
Numerical solution of the polymer system by front tracking
V Haugse, KH Karlsen, KA Lie, JR Natvig
Transport in Porous Media 44, 63-83, 2001
Use of multiple multiscale operators to accelerate simulation of complex geomodels
KA Lie, O Møyner, JR Natvig
SPE Journal 22 (06), 1929-1945, 2017
A hybrid approach to parallel multiscale reservoir simulator
A Kozlova, D Walsh, S Chittireddy, Z Li, J Natvig, S Watanabe, K Bratvedt
ECMOR XV-15th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery, cp-494 …, 2016
Discretisation on Complex and Polyhedral Grids–Open Source MATLAB Implementation
KA Lie, S Krogstad, IS Ligaarden, JR Natvig, HM Nilsen, B Skaflestad
ECMOR XII-12th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery, cp …, 2010
Fast computation of arrival times in heterogeneous media
I Berre, KH Karlsen, KA Lie, JR Natvig
Computational Geosciences 9, 179-201, 2005
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