Gleb Bezgin
Gleb Bezgin
Neuroscientist (Neuroinformatics), McGill Centre for Studies in Aging
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Situating the default-mode network along a principal gradient of macroscale cortical organization
DS Margulies, SS Ghosh, A Goulas, M Falkiewicz, JM Huntenburg, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (44), 12574-12579, 2016
Network structure shapes spontaneous functional connectivity dynamics
K Shen, RM Hutchison, G Bezgin, S Everling, AR McIntosh
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Information processing architecture of functionally defined clusters in the macaque cortex
K Shen, G Bezgin, RM Hutchison, JS Gati, RS Menon, S Everling, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (48), 17465-17476, 2012
Stable long-range interhemispheric coordination is supported by direct anatomical projections
K Shen, B Mišić, BN Cipollini, G Bezgin, M Buschkuehl, RM Hutchison, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (20), 6473-6478, 2015
Comparative analysis of the macroscale structural connectivity in the macaque and human brain
A Goulas, M Bastiani, G Bezgin, HBM Uylings, A Roebroeck, P Stiers
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A cross-modal, cross-species comparison of connectivity measures in the primate brain
AT Reid, J Lewis, G Bezgin, B Khundrakpam, SB Eickhoff, AR McIntosh, ...
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Hundreds of brain maps in one atlas: registering coordinate-independent primate neuro-anatomical data to a standard brain
G Bezgin, VA Vakorin, AJ van Opstal, AR McIntosh, R Bakker
Neuroimage 62 (1), 67-76, 2012
Matching spatial with ontological brain regions using Java tools for visualization, database access, and integrated data analysis
G Bezgin, AT Reid, D Schubert, R Kötter
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A multi-scale layer-resolved spiking network model of resting-state dynamics in macaque visual cortical areas
M Schmidt, R Bakker, K Shen, G Bezgin, M Diesmann, SJ van Albada
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An anatomical interface between memory and oculomotor systems
K Shen, G Bezgin, R Selvam, AR McIntosh, JD Ryan
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Deducing logical relationships between spatially registered cortical parcellations under conditions of uncertainty
G Bezgin, E Wanke, A Krumnack, R Kötter
Neural Networks 21 (8), 1132-1145, 2008
Attention performance measured by attention network test is correlated with global and regional efficiency of structural brain networks
M Xiao, H Ge, BS Khundrakpam, J Xu, G Bezgin, Y Leng, L Zhao, Y Tang, ...
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The architecture of mammalian cortical connectomes in light of the theory of the dual origin of the cerebral cortex
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Full-density multi-scale account of structure and dynamics of macaque visual cortex
M Schmidt, R Bakker, K Shen, G Bezgin, CC Hilgetag, M Diesmann, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1511.09364, 2015
Confounding effects of phase delays on causality estimation
VA Vakorin, B Mišić, O Krakovska, G Bezgin, AR McIntosh
PLOS one 8 (1), e53588, 2013
Developmental changes of cortical white–gray contrast as predictors of autism diagnosis and severity
G Bezgin, JD Lewis, AC Evans
Translational psychiatry 8 (1), 1-12, 2018
Criteria for optimizing cortical hierarchies with continuous ranges
A Krumnack, AT Reid, E Wanke, G Bezgin, R Kötter
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A macaque connectome for large-scale network simulations in TheVirtualBrain
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Scientific data 6 (1), 1-12, 2019
Determining Amyloid-β positivity using 18F-AZD4694 PET imaging
J Therriault, AL Benedet, TA Pascoal, M Savard, NJ Ashton, M Chamoun, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 62 (2), 247-252, 2021
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