Thomas Langø
Thomas Langø
Chief scientist, Medical technology, SINTEF
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Sitert av
A review of calibration techniques for freehand 3-D ultrasound systems
L Mercier, T Langø, F Lindseth, LD Collins
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European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons (EAES) consensus statement on the use of robotics in general surgery
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Ultrasound guided surgery: image processing and navigation
T Langø
Fakultet for informasjonsteknologi, matematikk og elektroteknikk, 2000
Semantic segmentation and detection of mediastinal lymph nodes and anatomical structures in CT data for lung cancer staging
D Bouget, A Jørgensen, G Kiss, HO Leira, T Langø
International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery 14 (6), 977-986, 2019
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