Joan Manel Hernàndez Ferràs
Joan Manel Hernàndez Ferràs
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Magnetic qubits as hardware for quantum computers
J Tejada, EM Chudnovsky, E Del Barco, JM Hernandez, TP Spiller
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JM Hernandez, XX Zhang, F Luis, J Tejada, JR Friedman, MP Sarachik, ...
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Physical Review Applied
S Lendínez, J Hang, S Vélez, JM Hernàndez, D Backes, AD Kent, F Macià
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E Del Barco, N Vernier, JM Hernandez, J Tejada, EM Chudnovsky, ...
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M Foerster, F Macià, N Statuto, S Finizio, A Hernández-Mínguez, ...
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Quantum Magnetic Deflagration in Acetate
A Hernández-Mínguez, JM Hernandez, F Macià, A García-Santiago, ...
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Generation and Imaging of Magnetoacoustic Waves over Millimeter Distances
B Casals, N Statuto, M Foerster, A Hernández-Mínguez, R Cichelero, ...
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S Bonetti, R Kukreja, Z Chen, F Macià, JM Hernàndez, A Eklund, ...
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Large Nonreciprocal Propagation of Surface Acoustic Waves in Epitaxial Ferromagnetic/Semiconductor Hybrid Structures
A Hernández-Mínguez, F Macià, JM Hernàndez, J Herfort, PV Santos
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JR Friedman, MP Sarachik, JM Hernandez, XX Zhang, J Tejada, E Molins, ...
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XX Zhang, JM Hernandez, J Tejada, R Sole, X Ruiz
Physical Review B 53 (6), 3336, 1996
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