Sebastian Kube
Sebastian Kube
University of Bonn, Professor for Behavioral and Experimental Economics
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The currency of reciprocity: Gift exchange in the workplace
S Kube, MA Maréchal, C Puppe
American Economic Review 102 (4), 1644-1662, 2012
Do wage cuts damage work morale? Evidence from a natural field experiment
S Kube, MA Maréchal, C Puppe
Journal of the European Economic Association 11 (4), 853-870, 2013
Commuters route choice behaviour
R Selten, T Chmura, T Pitz, S Kube, M Schreckenberg
Games and Economic Behavior 58 (2), 394-406, 2007
Gift exchange and workers' fairness concerns: when equality is unfair
J Abeler, S Altmann, S Kube, M Wibral
Journal of the European Economic Association 8 (6), 1299-1324, 2010
The interaction of legal and social norm enforcement
S Kube, C Traxler
Journal of Public Economic Theory 13 (5), 639-660, 2011
Elections and deceptions: an experimental study on the behavioral effects of democracy
L Corazzini, S Kube, MA Maréchal, A Nicolo
American Journal of Political Science 58 (3), 579-592, 2014
Putting reciprocity to work-positive versus negative responses in the field
S Kube, MA Maréchal, C Puppe
University of St. Gallen Economics Discussion Paper, 2006
Goals (th) at work–goals, monetary incentives, and workers’ performance
SJ Goerg, S Kube
MPI Collective Goods Preprint, 2012
Two are better than one!: individuals' contributions to “unpacked” public goods
M Bernasconi, L Corazzini, S Kube, MA Maréchal
Economics letters 104 (1), 31-33, 2009
Experimental investigation of day-to-day route-choice behaviour and network simulations of autobahn traffic in North Rhine-Westphalia
R Selten, M Schreckenberg, T Chmura, T Pitz, S Kube, SF Hafstein, ...
Human behaviour and traffic networks, 1-21, 2004
Treating equals unequally: Incentives in teams, workers’ motivation, and production technology
SJ Goerg, S Kube, R Zultan
Journal of Labor Economics 28 (4), 747-772, 2010
Leading with (out) sacrifice? A public‐goods experiment with a privileged player
A Glöckner, B Irlenbusch, S Kube, A Nicklisch, HT Normann
Economic Inquiry 49 (2), 591-597, 2011
First impressions are more important than early intervention: Qualifying broken windows theory in the lab
C Engel, M Beckenkamp, A Glöckner, B Irlenbusch, H Hennig-Schmidt, ...
International Review of Law and Economics 37, 126-136, 2014
Leadership effectiveness and institutional frames
G Frackenpohl, A Hillenbrand, S Kube
Experimental Economics 19, 842-863, 2016
The effectiveness of incentive schemes in the presence of implicit effort costs
SJ Goerg, S Kube, J Radbruch
Management Science 65 (9), 4063-4078, 2019
Institution formation and cooperation with heterogeneous agents
S Kube, S Schaube, H Schildberg-Hörisch, E Khachatryan
European Economic Review 78, 248-268, 2015
Testing (beliefs about) social preferences: Evidence from an experimental coordination game
T Chmura, S Kube, T Pitz, C Puppe
Economics Letters 88 (2), 214-220, 2005
Experiments and simulations on day-to-day route choice-behaviour
R Selten, M Schreckenberg, T Pitz, T Chmura, S Kube
Available at SSRN 393841, 2003
Managing expectations: How selective information affects cooperation and punishment in social dilemma games
C Engel, S Kube, M Kurschilgen
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 187, 111-136, 2021
Can higher rewards lead to less effort? Incentive reversal in teams
EF Klor, S Kube, E Winter
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 97, 72-83, 2014
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