Ronald F. Ziolo
Ronald F. Ziolo
Centro de Investigación en Química Aplicada (CIQA), Universtity of Akron, Universtiy of Colorado
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Sitert av
Macroscopic measurement of resonant magnetization tunneling in high-spin molecules
JR Friedman, MP Sarachik, J Tejada, R Ziolo
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Matrix-mediated synthesis of nanocrystalline γ-Fe2O3: A new optically transparent magnetic material
RF Ziolo, EP Giannelis, BA Weinstein, MP O'Horo, BN Ganguly, ...
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Nanoparticle decoration with surfactants: Molecular interactions, assembly, and applications
H Heinz, C Pramanik, O Heinz, Y Ding, RK Mishra, D Marchon, RJ Flatt, ...
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Magnetic and optical properties of γ‐Fe2O3 nanocrystals
JK Vassiliou, V Mehrotra, MW Russell, EP Giannelis, RD McMichael, ...
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JM Hernandez, XX Zhang, F Luis, J Tejada, JR Friedman, MP Sarachik, ...
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Biodistribution of different sized nanoparticles assessed by positron emission tomography: a general strategy for direct activation of metal oxide particles
C Pérez-Campaña, V Gómez-Vallejo, M Puigivila, A Martín, ...
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Steps in the hysteresis loops of a high‐spin molecule
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Extraction and STM imaging of spherical giant fullerenes
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Electrical conductivity studies of undoped solid films of C60/70
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Crystal structure of vanadyl phthalocyanine, phase II
RF Ziolo, CH Griffiths, JM Troup
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 2300-2302, 1980
Magnetic properties, relaxation, and quantum tunneling in CoFe 2 O 4 nanoparticles embedded in potassium silicate
XX Zhang, JM Hernandez, J Tejada, RF Ziolo
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Novel γ-Fe2O3/SiO2 magnetic nanocomposites via sol-gel matrix-mediated synthesis
L Zhang, GC Papaefthymiou, RF Ziolo, JY Ying
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Photoconductivity in solid films of C60/70
J Mort, K Okumura, M Machonkin, R Ziolo, DR Huffman, MI Ferguson
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Asymmetric Freedericksz transitions from symmetric liquid crystal cells doped with harvested ferroelectric nanoparticles
G Cook, VY Reshetnyak, RF Ziolo, SA Basun, PP Banerjee, DR Evans
Optics Express 18 (16), 17339 - 17345, 2010
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