R. Michael Burger
R. Michael Burger
Dept. of Biological Sciences, Lehigh University
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Dissecting the circuitry of the auditory system
GD Pollak, RM Burger, A Klug
Trends in neurosciences 26 (1), 33-39, 2003
Reversible inactivation of the dorsal nucleus of the lateral lemniscus reveals its role in the processing of multiple sound sources in the inferior colliculus of bats
RM Burger, GD Pollak
Journal of Neuroscience 21 (13), 4830-4843, 2001
Avian superior olivary nucleus provides divergent inhibitory input to parallel auditory pathways
RM Burger, KS Cramer, JD Pfeiffer, EW Rubel
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RM Burger, I Fukui, H Ohmori, EW Rubel
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MJ Fischl, TD Combs, A Klug, B Grothe, RM Burger
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Tonotopic optimization for temporal processing in the cochlear nucleus
SN Oline, G Ashida, RM Burger
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