Leonardo Ricci
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A compact grating-stabilized diode laser system for atomic physics
L Ricci, M Weidemüller, T Esslinger, A Hemmerich, C Zimmermann, ...
Optics Communications 117 (5-6), 541-549, 1995
Magneto-optical trapping of Fermionic potassium atoms
FS Cataliotti, EA Cornell, C Fort, M Inguscio, F Marin, M Prevedelli, L Ricci, ...
Physical Review A 57 (2), 1136, 1998
Alpha-synuclein pore forming activity upon membrane association
L Tosatto, AO Andrighetti, N Plotegher, V Antonini, I Tessari, L Ricci, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 1818 (11), 2876-2883, 2012
Resonant photoacoustic simultaneous detection of methane and ethylene by means. of a 1.63-μm diode laser
A Boschetti, D Bassi, E Iacob, S Iannotta, L Ricci, M Scotoni
Applied Physics B 74 (3), 273-278, 2002
Combined trap with the potential for antihydrogen production
J Walz, SB Ross, C Zimmermann, L Ricci, M Prevedelli, TW Hänsch
Physical review letters 75 (18), 3257, 1995
Collective excitations of a 87Rb Bose condensate in the Thomas-Fermi regime
C Fort, M Prevedelli, F Minardi, FS Cataliotti, L Ricci, GM Tino, M Inguscio
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 49 (1), 8, 2000
Trapping and cooling of potassium isotopes in a double-magneto-optical-trap apparatus
M Prevedelli, FS Cataliotti, EA Cornell, JR Ensher, C Fort, L Ricci, ...
Physical Review A 59 (1), 886, 1999
Design for a compact tunable Ti: sapphire laser
C Zimmermann, V Vuletic, A Hemmerich, L Ricci, TW Hänsch
Optics letters 20 (3), 297-299, 1995
Small-sample characterization of stochastic approximation staircases in forced-choice adaptive threshold estimation
L Faes, G Nollo, F Ravelli, L Ricci, M Vescovi, M Turatto, F Pavani, ...
Perception & psychophysics 69 (2), 254-262, 2007
A comparison approach to explain risks related to X-ray imaging for scoliosis, 2012 SOSORT award winner
N Pace, L Ricci, S Negrini
Scoliosis 8 (1), 11, 2013
Magnetoresistive magnetometer with improved bandwidth and response characteristics
A Bertoldi, D Bassi, L Ricci, D Covi, S Varas
Review of scientific instruments 76 (6), 065106, 2005
Light desorption from an yttrium neutralizer for Rb and Fr magneto-optical trap loading
V Coppolaro, N Papi, A Khanbekyan, C Marinelli, E Mariotti, L Marmugi, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 141 (13), 134201, 2014
Dante's insight into galilean invariance
L Ricci
Nature 434 (7034), 717-717, 2005
Statistical properties of the maximum Lyapunov exponent calculated via the divergence rate method
M Franchi, L Ricci
Physical Review E 90 (6), 062920, 2014
Plasma microRNA profiling distinguishes patients with frontotemporal dementia from healthy subjects
M Grasso, P Piscopo, G Talarico, L Ricci, A Crestini, G Tosto, M Gasparini, ...
Neurobiology of Aging 84, 240. e1-240. e12, 2019
Combined static potentials for confinement of neutral species
L Ricci, D Bassi, A Bertoldi
Physical Review A 76 (2), 023428, 2007
Enhanced atomic desorption of 209 and 210 francium from organic coating
S Agustsson, G Bianchi, R Calabrese, L Corradi, A Dainelli, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-7, 2017
Measurement and modelling of enhanced absorption Hanle effect resonances in 85Rb
A Vilardi, D Tabarelli, L Botti, A Bertoldi, L Ricci
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 42 (5), 055003, 2009
Dynamics of a cold atom cloud in an anharmonic trap
A Bertoldi, L Ricci
Physical Review A 81 (6), 063415, 2010
Identification of suitable embedding dimensions and lags for time series generated by chaotic, finite-dimensional systems
A Perinelli, L Ricci
Physical Review E 98 (5), 052226, 2018
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