Zachary H. Garfield
Zachary H. Garfield
Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
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Testing the bargaining vs. inclusive fitness models of suicidal behavior against the ethnographic record
KL Syme, ZH Garfield, EH Hagen
Evolution and Human Behavior 37 (3), 179-192, 2016
The evolutionary anthropology of political leadership
ZH Garfield, C von Rueden, EH Hagen
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Evolutionary models of leadership: Tests and synthesis
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Universal and variable leadership dimensions across human societies
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Is male androphilia a context-dependent cross-cultural universal?
R Hames, Z Garfield, M Garfield
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Leadership and prestige, mothering, sexual selection, and encephalization: The computational services model
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Evidence for third-party mediation but not punishment in Mentawai justice
M Singh, ZH Garfield
Nature Human Behaviour 6 (7), 930-940, 2022
Hunter-gatherer genomes reveal diverse demographic trajectories during the rise of farming in Eastern Africa
S Gopalan, REW Berl, JW Myrick, ZH Garfield, AW Reynolds, BK Bafens, ...
Current Biology 32 (8), 1852-1860. e5, 2022
The content and structure of reputation domains across human societies: a view from the evolutionary social sciences
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Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 376 (1838), 20200296, 2021
The “female fertility–social stratification–hypergyny” hypothesis of male homosexual preference: factual, conceptual and methodological errors in Barthes et al.[Commentary]
DP VanderLaan, ZH Garfield, MJ Garfield, JB Leca, PL Vasey, RB Hames
Correlates of conflict resolution across cultures
ZH Garfield
Evolutionary Human Sciences 3, e45, 2021
Religion: the WEIRDest concept in the world?
AD Lightner, ZH Garfield, EH Hagen
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Women’s Prosocial Dominant Acts
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Norm violations and punishments across human societies
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Cross-Societal Variation in Norm Enforcement Systems: A Review
C Molho, F De Petrillo, ZH Garfield, S Slewe
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Inter-personal conflicts and third-party mediation in a pastoralist society
ZH Garfield, L Glowacki
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Mechanisms underlying human third-party punishment
C Molho, F De Petrillo, ZH Garfield, A Micheletti
OSF, 2022
Leadership, Prestige, and Social Learning across Traditional Societies
ZH Garfield
Washington State University, 2019
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