Joe Iwanaga
Joe Iwanaga
Tulane University School of Medicine
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The clinical anatomy of accessory mental nerves and foramina
J Iwanaga, T Saga, Y Tabira, M Nakamura, S Kitashima, K Watanabe, ...
Clinical anatomy 28 (7), 848-856, 2015
Accessory mental foramina and nerves: application to periodontal, periapical, and implant surgery
J Iwanaga, K Watanabe, T Saga, Y Tabira, S Kitashima, J Kusukawa, ...
Clinical Anatomy 29 (4), 493-501, 2016
Clinical anatomy and surgical significance of the lingual foramina and their canals
P He, MK Truong, N Adeeb, RS Tubbs, J Iwanaga
Clinical Anatomy 30 (2), 194-204, 2017
The clinical anatomy of endometriosis: a review
Y Alimi, J Iwanaga, M Loukas, RS Tubbs
Cureus 10 (9), 2018
The retromolar canals and foramina: radiographic observation and application to oral surgery
S Kikuta, J Iwanaga, K Nakamura, K Hino, M Nakamura, J Kusukawa
Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy 40 (6), 647-652, 2018
Aortic arch origin of the left vertebral artery: an anatomical and radiological study with significance for avoiding complications with anterior approaches to the cervical spine
GG Tardieu, B Edwards, F Alonso, K Watanabe, T Saga, M Nakamura, ...
Clinical Anatomy 30 (6), 811-816, 2017
Injury to the lumbar plexus and its branches after lateral fusion procedures: a cadaver study
P Grunert, D Drazin, J Iwanaga, C Schmidt, F Alonso, M Moisi, ...
World neurosurgery 105, 519-525, 2017
Meningocele manqué: a comprehensive review of this enigmatic finding in occult spinal dysraphism
C Schmidt, E Bryant, J Iwanaga, RJ Oskouian, WJ Oakes, RS Tubbs
Child's Nervous System 33 (7), 1065-1071, 2017
The filum terminale internum and externum: a comprehensive review
E Saker, BM Henry, KA Tomaszewski, M Loukas, J Iwanaga, RJ Oskouian, ...
Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 40, 6-13, 2017
Osborne’s ligament: a review of its history, anatomy, and surgical importance
A Granger, JP Sardi, J Iwanaga, TJ Wilson, L Yang, M Loukas, ...
Cureus 9 (3), 2017
Injury of the radial nerve in the arm: A review
TJ Latef, M Bilal, M Vetter, J Iwanaga, RJ Oskouian, RS Tubbs
Cureus 10 (2), 2018
The human central canal of the spinal cord: a comprehensive review of its anatomy, embryology, molecular development, variants, and pathology
E Saker, BM Henry, KA Tomaszewski, M Loukas, J Iwanaga, RJ Oskouian, ...
Cureus 8 (12), 2016
A novel method for observation of the mandibular foramen: application to a better understanding of dental anatomy
J Iwanaga, K Watanabe, T Saga, RS Tubbs, K Tanaka, S Kikuta, Y Tabira, ...
The Anatomical Record 300 (10), 1875-1880, 2017
Comparison of chronic dysphagia in standalone versus conventional plate and cage fusion
C Fisahn, C Schmidt, T Rustagi, M Moisi, J Iwanaga, DC Norvell, ...
World neurosurgery 109, e382-e388, 2018
Clinical anatomy and significance of the retromolar foramina and their canals: a literature review
MK Truong, P He, N Adeeb, RJ Oskouian, RS Tubbs, J Iwanaga
Cureus 9 (10), 2017
The clinical view for dissection of the lingual nerve with application to minimizing iatrogenic injury
J Iwanaga
Clinical Anatomy 30 (4), 467-469, 2017
Three-dimensional ultrastructural analysis of the interface between an implanted demineralised dentin matrix and the surrounding newly formed bone
R Tanoue, K Ohta, Y Miyazono, J Iwanaga, A Koba, T Natori, O Iwamoto, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-9, 2018
Anatomical study of the superficial temporal branches of the auriculotemporal nerve: application to surgery and other invasive treatments to the temporal region
J Iwanaga, K Watanabe, T Saga, C Fisahn, RJ Oskouian, RS Tubbs
Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery 70 (3), 370-374, 2017
An anatomical study of the transversus nuchae muscle: application to better understanding occipital neuralgia
K Watanabe, T Saga, J Iwanaga, Y Tabira, KI Yamaki
Clinical Anatomy 30 (1), 32-38, 2017
The clinical anatomy of dyspareunia: A review
Y Alimi, J Iwanaga, RJ Oskouian, M Loukas, RS Tubbs
Clinical Anatomy 31 (7), 1013-1017, 2018
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