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2D metal organic framework nanosheet: a universal platform promoting highly efficient visible‐light‐induced hydrogen production
J Ran, J Qu, H Zhang, T Wen, H Wang, S Chen, L Song, X Zhang, L Jing, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (11), 1803402, 2019
Tuning the Coordination Structure of CuNC Single Atom Catalysts for Simultaneous Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 and NO3 to Urea
J Leverett, T Tran‐Phu, JA Yuwono, P Kumar, C Kim, Q Zhai, C Han, J Qu, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 12 (32), 2201500, 2022
Isolated copper–tin atomic interfaces tuning electrocatalytic CO2 conversion
W Ren, X Tan, J Qu, S Li, J Li, X Liu, SP Ringer, JM Cairney, K Wang, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 1449, 2021
Attractive-domain-wall-pinning controlled Sm-Co magnets overcome the coercivity-remanence trade-off
H Chen, Y Wang, Y Yao, J Qu, F Yun, Y Li, SP Ringer, M Yue, R Zheng
Acta Materialia 164, 196-206, 2019
Electronic Regulation of Nickel Single Atoms by Confined Nickel Nanoparticles for Energy‐Efficient CO2 Electroreduction
W Ren, X Tan, C Jia, A Krammer, Q Sun, J Qu, SC Smith, A Schueler, ...
Angewandte Chemie 134 (26), e202203335, 2022
Tunable Syngas Production through CO2 Electroreduction on Cobalt–Carbon Composite Electrocatalyst
R Daiyan, R Chen, P Kumar, NM Bedford, J Qu, JM Cairney, X Lu, R Amal
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (8), 9307-9315, 2020
NiPS3 ultrathin nanosheets as versatile platform advancing highly active photocatalytic H2 production
J Ran, H Zhang, S Fu, M Jaroniec, J Shan, B Xia, Y Qu, J Qu, S Chen, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 4600, 2022
Designing Undercoordinated Ni–Nx and Fe–Nx on Holey Graphene for Electrochemical CO2 Conversion to Syngas
J Leverett, R Daiyan, L Gong, K Iputera, Z Tong, J Qu, Z Ma, Q Zhang, ...
ACS nano 15 (7), 12006-12018, 2021
Enhanced photoelectrochemical water-splitting performance with a hierarchical heterostructure: Co3O4 nanodots anchored TiO2@ P-C3N4 core-shell nanorod arrays
Z Yu, Y Li, J Qu, R Zheng, JM Cairney, J Zhang, M Zhu, A Khan, W Li
Chemical Engineering Journal 404, 126458, 2021
Atomic-Level Insights into the Edge Active ReS2 Ultrathin Nanosheets for High-Efficiency Light-to-Hydrogen Conversion
J Ran, H Zhang, J Qu, J Shan, S Chen, F Yang, R Zheng, J Cairney, ...
ACS Materials Letters 2 (11), 1484-1494, 2020
FeS2 bridging function to enhance charge transfer between MoS2 and g–C3N4 for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Y Li, S Zhu, Y Xu, R Ge, J Qu, M Zhu, Y Liu, JM Cairney, R Zheng, S Li, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 421, 127804, 2021
Impurity Tolerance of Unsaturated Ni-N-C Active Sites for Practical Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
J Leverett, JA Yuwono, P Kumar, T Tran-Phu, J Qu, J Cairney, X Wang, ...
ACS Energy Letters 7 (3), 920-928, 2022
Full electric control of exchange bias at room temperature by resistive switching
L Wei, Z Hu, G Du, Y Yuan, J Wang, H Tu, B You, S Zhou, J Qu, H Liu, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (30), 1801885, 2018
Significantly Raised Visible‐Light Photocatalytic H2 Evolution on a 2D/2D ReS2/In2ZnS4 van der Waals Heterostructure
J Ran, H Zhang, J Qu, J Shan, K Davey, JM Cairney, L Jing, SZ Qiao
Small 17 (32), 2100296, 2021
Heterogeneous molecular Co–N–C catalysts for efficient electrochemical H 2 O 2 synthesis
C Liu, Z Yu, F She, J Chen, F Liu, J Qu, JM Cairney, C Wu, K Liu, W Yang, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 16 (2), 446-459, 2023
Nanoscale pathways for human tooth decay–Central planar defect, organic-rich precipitate and high-angle grain boundary
F Yun, MV Swain, H Chen, J Cairney, J Qu, G Sha, H Liu, SP Ringer, ...
Biomaterials 235, 119748, 2020
Study of drain induced barrier lowering (DIBL) effect for strained Si nMOSFET
JT Qu, HM Zhang, XB Xu, SS Qin
Procedia Engineering 16, 298-305, 2011
Bridging metal-ion induced vertical growth of MoS2 and overall fast electron transfer in (C, P) 3N4-M (Ni2+, Co2+)-MoS2 electrocatalyst for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Y Xu, J Qu, Y Li, M Zhu, Y Liu, R Zheng, JM Cairney, W Li
Sustainable materials and technologies 25, e00172, 2020
Ordered Mesoporous Boron Carbon Nitrides with Tunable Mesopore Nanoarchitectonics for Energy Storage and CO2 Adsorption Properties
CI Sathish, G Kothandam, P Selvarajan, Z Lei, J Lee, J Qu, ...
Advanced Science 9 (16), 2105603, 2022
Designing Co3O4/silica catalysts and intensified ultrafiltration membrane-catalysis process for wastewater treatment
J Ding, GV Sarrigani, J Qu, A Ebrahimi, X Zhong, WC Hou, JM Cairney, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 419, 129465, 2021
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