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Geoffrey Crisp
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Variations on a theme—recent developments on the mechanism of the Heck reaction and their implications for synthesis
GT Crisp
Chemical Society Reviews 27 (6), 427-436, 1998
Palladium-catalyzed coupling of vinyl triflates with organostannanes. A short synthesis of pleraplysillin-1
WJ Scott, GT Crisp, JK Stille
Journal of the American Chemical Society 106 (16), 4630-4632, 1984
Integrative assessment: Reframing assessment practice for current and future learning
GT Crisp
Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education 37 (1), 33-43, 2012
First year student expectations: Results from a university-wide student survey.
G Crisp, E Palmer, D Turnbull, T Nettelbeck, L Ward, A LeCouteur, ...
Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice 6 (1), 11-26, 2009
Palladium-catalyzed carbonylative coupling of vinyl triflates with organostannanes. A total synthesis of (.+-.)-. DELTA. 9 (12)-capnellene
GT Crisp, WJ Scott, JK Stille
Journal of the American Chemical Society 106 (24), 7500-7506, 1984
The e-assessment handbook
G Crisp
Continuum, 2007
Palladium-catalyzed coupling of terminal alkynes with 5-(trifluoromethanesulfonyloxy) pyrimidine nucleosides
GT Crisp, BL Flynn
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 58 (24), 6614-6619, 1993
Palladium-catalyzed, carbonylative, intramolecular coupling of hydroxyvinyl triflates. Synthesis of substituted. alpha.,. beta.-butenolides
GT Crisp, AG Meyer
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 57 (25), 6972-6975, 1992
Trends and challenges of e-assessment to enhance student learning in higher education
L Guàrdia, G Crisp, I Alsina
Learning and Performance Assessment: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and …, 2020
Teacher’s Handbook on e-Assessment
G Crisp
Transforming Assessment-An ALTC Fellowship Activity 18, 2011
Palladium-catalysed coupling of terminal alkynes with aryl halides aided by catalytic zinc
GT Crisp, PD Turner, KA Stephens
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I Am Chem Sot 1984, 106,463 O.; Scott, WJ; Stille, JK, J. Am
WJ Scott, GT Crisp
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Synthesis of (1, 2, 3, 4-tetramethylfulvene) palladium (0) complexes from. eta. 5-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl) palladium (II) precursors. The crystal structure of [Pd (PMe3) 2 …
H Werner, GT Crisp, PW Jolly, HJ Kraus, C Krüger
Organometallics 2 (10), 1369-1377, 1983
Assessment in next generation learning spaces
GT Crisp
The future of learning and teaching in next generation learning spaces 12 …, 2014
Palladium-catalyzed heck couplings of L-vinylglycine derivatives with vinyl and aryl halides and triflates.
GT Crisp, PT Glink
Tetrahedron 48 (17), 3541-3556, 1992
Assessing and assuring Australian graduate learning outcomes: Principles and practices within and across disciplines
S Barrie, C Hughes, G Crisp, A Bennison
Final Report, Office for Learning and Teaching, Sydney, 2014
Palladium‐Catalyzed Coupling of Vinyl Triflates with Organostannanes: 4‐tert‐Butyl‐1‐Vinylcyclohexene and 1‐(4‐tert‐Butylcyclohexen‐1‐yl)‐2‐Propen‐1‐one …
WJ Scott, GT Crisp, JK Stille
Organic Syntheses 68, 116-116, 2003
Stereoselective syntheses of coordinated secondary and tertiary phosphines. Crystal and molecular structure of [(R*, R*),(R*)]-(.+-.)-[(. eta. 5-C5H5){1, 2-C6H4 (PMePh) 2} Fe …
GT Crisp, G Salem, SB Wild, FS Stephens
Organometallics 8 (10), 2360-2367, 1989
Elaboration of the side chain of α-amino acids by palladium-catalysed stille couplings
GT Crisp, PT Glink
Tetrahedron 50 (10), 3213-3234, 1994
Advancing Chemistry by Enhancing Learning in the Laboratory (ACELL): a model for providing professional and personal development and facilitating improved student laboratory …
MA Buntine, JR Read, SC Barrie, RB Bucat, GT Crisp, AV George, ...
Chemistry Education Research and Practice 8 (2), 232-254, 2007
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