Yang-Yang Zhou
Yang-Yang Zhou
Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
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Design and Analysis of the Randomized Response Technique
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Journal of the American Statistical Association 110 (511), 1304 - 1319, 2015
Can Economic Assistance Shape Combatant Support in Wartime? Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan
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YY Zhou
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Left Out: How Political Ideology Affects Support for Migrants in Colombia
AC Holland, M Peters, YY Zhou
Available at SSRN 3803052, 2021
Don’t fear refugees: Why they pose little threat to national security
A Bolfrass, A Shaver, YY Zhou
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Prolonged Contact Does Not Reshape Locals’ Attitudes toward Migrants in Wartime Settings: Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan
YY Zhou, J Lyall
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How Refugee Resentment Shapes National Identity and Citizen Participation
YY Zhou
Princeton University, 2019
Navigating "Insider" and "Outsider" Status as Researchers Conducting Field Experiments
E Kim, S Badrinathan, DD Choi, S Karim, YY Zhou
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How to make surveys in war zones better and why this is important
A Shaver, YY Zhou
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Studying Migrant Exclusion Within the Global South
YY Zhou
Comparative Politics Newsletter 31 (1), 66-75, 2021
When Pandemic Threat Does Not Stoke Xenophobia: Evidence from a Panel Survey around COVID-19 in Colombia
YY Zhou, ME Peters, D Rojas
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Unpacking immigrant integration: Concepts, mechanisms, and context
I Bloemraad, V Esses, W Kymlicka, YY Zhou
Background paper to World Development Report 2023: Migrants, Refugees, and …, 2023
Who’s Deserving? How People Experiencing Displacement View Migrant Identity and Asylum Policy
YY Zhou, ME Peters, C Kappos
OSF Preprints, 2022
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