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Positive but variable effects of crop diversification on biodiversity and ecosystem services
D Beillouin, T Ben‐Ari, E Malézieux, V Seufert, D Makowski
Global Change Biology 27 (19), 4697-4710, 2021
Creating a sustainable food future. A menu of solutions to sustainably feed more than 9 billion people by 2050. World resources report 2013-14: interim findings
T Searchinger, C Hanson, J Ranganathan, B Lipinski, R Waite, ...
World Resources Institute (WRI); World Bank Groupe-Banque Mondiale; United …, 2014
Plague and climate: scales matter
T Ben Ari, S Neerinckx, KL Gage, K Kreppel, A Laudisoit, H Leirs, ...
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Causes and implications of the unforeseen 2016 extreme yield loss in the breadbasket of France
T Ben-Ari, J Boé, P Ciais, R Lecerf, M Van der Velde, D Makowski
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Estimating variability in grain legume yields across Europe and the Americas
C Cernay, T Ben-Ari, E Pelzer, JM Meynard, D Makowski
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Modeling environmental effects on the size-structured energy flow through marine ecosystems. Part 1: the model
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Evidence map of crop diversification strategies at the global scale
D Beillouin, T Ben-Ari, D Makowski
Environmental Research Letters 14 (12), 123001, 2019
Yield trends, variability and stagnation analysis of major crops in France over more than a century
B Schauberger, T Ben-Ari, D Makowski, T Kato, H Kato, P Ciais
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Nonlinear effect of climate on plague during the third pandemic in China
L Xu, Q Liu, LC Stige, T Ben Ari, X Fang, KS Chan, S Wang, NC Stenseth, ...
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Wet climate and transportation routes accelerate spread of human plague
L Xu, LC Stige, KL Kausrud, T Ben Ari, S Wang, X Fang, BV Schmid, Q Liu, ...
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Identifying indicators for extreme wheat and maize yield losses
T Ben-Ari, J Adrian, T Klein, P Calanca, M Van der Velde, D Makowski
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Human plague in the USA: the importance of regional and local climate
T Ben Ari, A Gershunov, KL Gage, T Snäll, P Ettestad, KL Kausrud, ...
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Modeling environmental effects on the size-structured energy flow through marine ecosystems. Part 2: Simulations
O Maury, YJ Shin, B Faugeras, TB Ari, F Marsac
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Modeling the epidemiological history of plague in Central Asia: palaeoclimatic forcing on a disease system over the past millennium
KL Kausrud, M Begon, TB Ari, H Viljugrein, J Esper, U Büntgen, H Leirs, ...
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Interannual variability of human plague occurrence in the Western United States explained by tropical and North Pacific Ocean climate variability
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Antagonistic selection from predators and pathogens alters food-web structure
E Edeline, TB Ari, LA Vøllestad, IJ Winfield, JM Fletcher, JB James, ...
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Identification of Chinese plague foci from long-term epidemiological data
T Ben-Ari, S Neerinckx, L Agier, B Cazelles, L Xu, Z Zhang, X Fang, ...
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Quantitative synthesis of temperature, CO2, rainfall, and adaptation effects on global crop yields
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Feeding proteins to livestock: Global land use and food vs. feed competition
S Manceron, T Ben-Ari, P Dumas
OCL Oilseeds and fats crops and lipids 21 (4), 10, 2014
An open-source tool to assess the carbon footprint of research
J Mariette, O Blanchard, O Berné, O Aumont, J Carrey, AL Ligozat, ...
Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability 2 (3), 035008, 2022
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