Przemysław A. Pękala
Przemysław A. Pękala
Jagiellonian Univeristy Medical College in Krakow
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Median and ulnar nerve anastomoses in the upper limb: A meta‐analysis
J Roy, BM Henry, PŁA PĘkala, J Vikse, K Saganiak, JA Walocha, ...
Muscle & nerve 54 (1), 36-47, 2016
The twisted structure of the Achilles tendon unraveled: A detailed quantitative and qualitative anatomical investigation
PA Pękala, BM Henry, A Ochała, P Kopacz, G Tatoń, A Młyniec, ...
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 27 (12), 1705-1715, 2017
The current state of intermittent intraoperative neural monitoring for prevention of recurrent laryngeal nerve injury during thyroidectomy: a PRISMA-compliant systematic review …
BM Henry, MJ Graves, J Vikse, B Sanna, PA Pękala, JA Walocha, ...
Langenbeck's archives of surgery 402 (4), 663-673, 2017
Surgical anatomy of the sciatic nerve: A meta‐analysis
KA Tomaszewski, MJ Graves, BM Henry, P Popieluszko, J Roy, ...
Journal of Orthopaedic Research 34 (10), 1820-1827, 2016
A systematic review and meta-analysis of variations in branching patterns of the adult aortic arch
P Popieluszko, BM Henry, B Sanna, WC Hsieh, K Saganiak, PA Pękala, ...
Journal of vascular surgery 68 (1), 298-306. e10, 2018
The evidence-based surgical anatomy of the popliteal artery and the variations in its branching patterns
KA Tomaszewski, P Popieluszko, MJ Graves, PA Pękala, BM Henry, ...
Journal of vascular surgery 65 (2), 521-529. e6, 2017
Cervical rib prevalence and its association with thoracic outlet syndrome: A meta-analysis of 141 studies with surgical considerations
BM Henry, J Vikse, B Sanna, D Taterra, M Gomulska, PA Pękala, ...
World Neurosurgery 110, e965-e978, 2018
The origin of the medial circumflex femoral artery: a meta-analysis and proposal of a new classification system
KA Tomaszewski, BM Henry, J Vikse, J Roy, PA Pękala, M Svensen, ...
PeerJ 4, e1726, 2016
The prevalence and morphometry of an accessory spleen: A meta-analysis and systematic review of 22,487 patients
J Vikse, B Sanna, BM Henry, D Taterra, S Sanna, PA Pękala, JA Walocha, ...
International Journal of Surgery 45, 18-28, 2017
Prevalence of foramen arcuale and its clinical significance: a meta-analysis of 55,985 subjects
PA Pękala, BM Henry, JR Pękala, WC Hsieh, J Vikse, B Sanna, ...
Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine 27 (3), 276-290, 2017
Artery of Adamkiewicz: a meta-analysis of anatomical characteristics
D Taterra, B Skinningsrud, PA Pękala, WC Hsieh, R Cirocchi, JA Walocha, ...
Neuroradiology 61 (8), 869-880, 2019
The prevalence and anatomy of parathyroid glands: a meta-analysis with implications for parathyroid surgery
D Taterra, LM Wong, J Vikse, B Sanna, P Pękala, J Walocha, R Cirocchi, ...
Langenbeck's archives of surgery 404 (1), 63-70, 2019
Consensus guidelines for the uniform reporting of study ethics in anatomical research within the framework of the anatomical quality assurance (AQUA) checklist
BM Henry, J Vikse, P Pekala, M Loukas, RS Tubbs, JA Walocha, ...
Clinical Anatomy 31 (4), 521-524, 2018
Congenital absence of the palmaris longus muscle: A meta-analysis comparing cadaveric and functional studies
PA Pękala, BM Henry, JR Pękala, B Skinningsrud, JA Walocha, ...
Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery 70 (12), 1715-1724, 2017
Prevalence and anatomy of the axillary arch and its implications in surgical practice: A meta-analysis
D Taterra, BM Henry, MP Zarzecki, B Sanna, PA Pękala, R Cirocchi, ...
The Surgeon 17 (1), 43-51, 2019
Risk of iatrogenic injury to the infrapatellar branch of the saphenous nerve during hamstring tendon harvesting: A meta‐analysis
PA Pękala, KA Tomaszewski, BM Henry, PK Ramakrishnan, J Roy, ...
Muscle & Nerve 56 (5), 930-937, 2017
The prevalence and anatomical characteristics of the accessory head of the flexor pollicis longus muscle: a meta-analysis
J Roy, BM Henry, PA Pękala, J Vikse, PK Ramakrishnan, JA Walocha, ...
PeerJ 3, e1255, 2015
Oblique incisions in hamstring tendon harvesting reduce iatrogenic injuries to the infrapatellar branch of the saphenous nerve
BM Henry, KA Tomaszewski, PA Pękala, MJ Graves, JR Pękala, B Sanna, ...
Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy 26 (4), 1197-1203, 2018
Variations in the arterial blood supply to the penis and the accessory pudendal artery: a meta-analysis and review of implications in radical prostatectomy
BM Henry, PA Pękala, J Vikse, B Sanna, B Skinningsrud, K Saganiak, ...
The Journal of urology 198 (2), 345-353, 2017
Variations in the origin of the deep femoral artery: a meta‐analysis
KA Tomaszewski, BM Henry, J Vikse, P Pękala, J Roy, M Svensen, ...
Clinical Anatomy 30 (1), 106-113, 2017
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