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Denise M. Akob
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Enhanced microbial coalbed methane generation: a review of research, commercial activity, and remaining challenges
D Ritter, D Vinson, E Barnhart, DM Akob, MW Fields, AB Cunningham, ...
International Journal of Coal Geology 146, 28-41, 2015
Organic and inorganic composition and microbiology of produced waters from Pennsylvania shale gas wells
DM Akob, IM Cozzarelli, DS Dunlap, EL Rowan, MM Lorah
Applied Geochemistry 60, 116-125, 2015
Metabolically active microbial communities in uranium-contaminated subsurface sediments
DM Akob, HJ Mills, JE Kostka
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 59 (1), 95-107, 2007
Denitrifying bacteria isolated from terrestrial subsurface sediments exposed to mixed-waste contamination
SJ Green, O Prakash, TM Gihring, DM Akob, P Jasrotia, PM Jardine, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 76 (10), 3244-3254, 2010
Ecophysiology of Fe-cycling bacteria in acidic sediments
S Lu, S Gischkat, M Reiche, DM Akob, KB Hallberg, K Küsel
Applied and environmental microbiology 76 (24), 8174-8183, 2010
Environmental signatures and effects of an oil and gas wastewater spill in the Williston Basin, North Dakota
IM Cozzarelli, KJ Skalak, DB Kent, MA Engle, A Benthem, AC Mumford, ...
Science of The Total Environment 579, 1781-1793, 2017
Wastewater disposal from unconventional oil and gas development degrades stream quality at a West Virginia injection facility
DM Akob, AC Mumford, W Orem, MA Engle, JG Klinges, DB Kent, ...
Environmental science & technology 50 (11), 5517-5525, 2016
Endocrine disrupting activities of surface water associated with a West Virginia oil and gas industry wastewater disposal site
CD Kassotis, LR Iwanowicz, DM Akob, IM Cozzarelli, AC Mumford, ...
Science of The Total Environment 557, 901-910, 2016
Calcite biomineralization by bacterial isolates from the recently discovered pristine karstic Herrenberg cave
A Rusznyák, DM Akob, S Nietzsche, K Eusterhues, KU Totsche, TR Neu, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 78 (4), 1157-1167, 2012
Functional diversity and electron donor dependence of microbial populations capable of U (VI) reduction in radionuclide-contaminated subsurface sediments
DM Akob, HJ Mills, TM Gihring, L Kerkhof, JW Stucki, AS Anastácio, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 74 (10), 3159-3170, 2008
Geobacter daltonii sp. nov., an Fe(III)- and uranium(VI)-reducing bacterium isolated from a shallow subsurface exposed to mixed heavy metal and hydrocarbon …
OM Prakash, TM Gihring, DD Dalton, KJ Chin, SJ Green, DM Akob, ...
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 60 (3 …, 2010
Heavy metal tolerance of Fe (III)-reducing microbial communities in contaminated creek bank soils
EM Burkhardt, S Bischoff, DM Akob, G Büchel, K Küsel
Applied and environmental microbiology 77 (9), 3132-3136, 2011
Surprising abundance of Gallionella-related iron oxidizers in creek sediments at pH 4.4 or at high heavy metal concentrations
M Fabisch, F Beulig, DM Akob, K Küsel
Frontiers in microbiology 4, 390, 2013
Identification of Mn (II)-oxidizing bacteria from a low-pH contaminated former uranium mine
DM Akob, T Bohu, A Beyer, F Schäffner, M Händel, CA Johnson, D Merten, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80 (16), 5086-5097, 2014
Large Fractions of CO2-Fixing Microorganisms in Pristine Limestone Aquifers Appear To Be Involved in the Oxidation of Reduced Sulfur and Nitrogen Compounds
M Herrmann, A Rusznyák, DM Akob, I Schulze, S Opitz, KU Totsche, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 81 (7), 2384-2394, 2015
Where microorganisms meet rocks in the Earth's Critical Zone
DM Akob, K Küsel
Biogeosciences 8 (12), 3531-3543, 2011
pH gradient-induced heterogeneity of Fe (III)-reducing microorganisms in coal mining-associated lake sediments
M Blöthe, DM Akob, JE Kostka, K Göschel, HL Drake, K Küsel
Applied and environmental microbiology 74 (4), 1019-1029, 2008
Microbial links between sulfate reduction and metal retention in uranium-and heavy metal-contaminated soil
J Sitte, DM Akob, C Kaufmann, K Finster, D Banerjee, EM Burkhardt, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 76 (10), 3143-3152, 2010
Carbon flow from volcanic CO2 into soil microbial communities of a wetland mofette
F Beulig, VB Heuer, DM Akob, B Viehweger, M Elvert, M Herrmann, ...
The ISME Journal 9 (3), 746-759, 2015
Organic geochemistry and toxicology of a stream impacted by unconventional oil and gas wastewater disposal operations
W Orem, M Varonka, L Crosby, K Haase, K Loftin, M Hladik, DM Akob, ...
Applied Geochemistry 80, 155-167, 2017
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