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A registered replication study on oxytocin and trust
CH Declerck, C Boone, L Pauwels, B Vogt, E Fehr
Nature Human Behaviour 4 (6), 646-655, 2020
Risk attitude, beliefs, and information in a Corruption Game–An experimental analysis
SK Berninghaus, S Haller, T Krüger, T Neumann, S Schosser, B Vogt
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Vasopressin increases human risky cooperative behavior
C Brunnlieb, G Nave, CF Camerer, S Schosser, B Vogt, TF Münte, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (8), 2051-2056, 2016
Experimental verification of a new spin-polarization effect in photoemission: Polarized photoelectrons from Pt (111) with linearly polarized radiation in normal incidence and …
B Schmiedeskamp, B Vogt, U Heinzmann
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On the practical relevance of the attraction effect: A cautionary note and guidelines for context effect experiments
M Lichters, M Sarstedt, B Vogt
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The influence of serotonin deficiency on choice deferral and the compromise effect
M Lichters, C Brunnlieb, G Nave, M Sarstedt, B Vogt
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Evolution of networks—an experimental analysis
SK Berninghaus, KM Ehrhart, M Ott, B Vogt
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What really matters in attraction effect research: when choices have economic consequences
M Lichters, P Bengart, M Sarstedt, B Vogt
Marketing Letters 28, 127-138, 2017
Which patients do I treat? An experimental study with economists and physicians
M Ahlert, S Felder, B Vogt
Health economics review 2, 1-11, 2012
Do real payments really matter? A re-examination of the compromise effect in hypothetical and binding choice settings
H Müller, EB Kroll, B Vogt
Marketing Letters 23, 73-92, 2012
Experimental evidence for attractions to chance
W Albers, R Selten, R Pope, B Vogt
German Economic Review 1 (2), 113-130, 2000
How durable are compromise effects?
M Lichters, H Müller, M Sarstedt, B Vogt
Journal of Business Research 69 (10), 4056-4064, 2016
To be or not to be price conscious—A segment‐based analysis of compromise effects in market‐like framings
H Müller, B Vogt, EB Kroll
Psychology & Marketing 29 (2), 107-116, 2012
Is there a plausible theory for decision under risk? A dual calibration critique
JC Cox, V Sadiraj, B Vogt, U Dasgupta
Economic Theory 54 (2), 305-333, 2013
Rational investor sentiment
A Gerber, B Vogt, T Hens
Zurich IEER Working Paper, 2002
Spin-resolved photoemission from Xe on Pd (111) in the dilute phase: The model case of singly adsorbed atoms
B Vogt, B Kessler, N Müller, G Schönhense, B Schmiedeskamp, ...
Physical review letters 67 (10), 1318, 1991
Coverage dependence of the spin-resolved photoemission from epitaxially grown Ag layers on Pt (111)
B Schmiedeskamp, B Kessler, B Vogt, U Heinzmann
Surface Science 223 (3), 465-478, 1989
Do Players' Beliefs or Risk Attitudes Determine: The Equilibrium Selections in 2x2 Coordination Games?
T Neumann, B Vogt
Working Paper Series, 2009
Fuel mix disclosure in Germany—The effect of more transparent information on consumer preferences for renewable energy
P Bengart, B Vogt
Energy Policy 150, 112120, 2021
Incentives engineering for structured p2p systems-a feasibility demonstration using economic experiments
S Schosser, K Böhm, R Schmidt, B Vogt
Proceedings of the 7th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce, 280-289, 2006
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