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Using isotopes to incorporate tree water storage and mixing dynamics into a distributed ecohydrologic modelling framework
J Knighton, S Kuppel, A Smith, C Soulsby, M Sprenger, D Tetzlaff
Ecohydrology 13 (3), e2201, 2020
A vulnerability‐based, bottom‐up assessment of future riverine flood risk using a modified peaks‐over‐threshold approach and a physically based hydrologic model
J Knighton, S Steinschneider, MT Walter
Water Resources Research 53 (12), 10043-10064, 2017
Ecohydrologic considerations for modeling of stable water isotopes in a small intermittent watershed
J Knighton, SM Saia, CK Morris, JA Archiblad, MT Walter
Hydrological processes 31 (13), 2438-2452, 2017
Potential Impacts of Extensive Stormwater Infiltration in Philadelphia
M Maimone, D O’Rourke, J Knighton, C Thomas
Environmental Engineer and Scientist: Applied Research and Practice 14, 29 - 39, 2011
Stormwater detention system parameter sensitivity and uncertainty analysis using SWMM
J Knighton, E Lennon, L Bastidas, E White
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 21 (8), 05016014, 2016
Contrasting adaptive strategies by Caragana korshinskii and Salix psammophila in a semiarid revegetated ecosystem
Y Zhao, L Wang, J Knighton, J Evaristo, M Wassen
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 300, 108323, 2021
Seasonal and topographic variations in ecohydrological separation within a small, temperate, snow‐influenced catchment
J Knighton, V Souter‐Kline, T Volkmann, PA Troch, M Kim, CJ Harman, ...
Water Resources Research 55 (8), 6417-6435, 2019
Parameter sensitivity and uncertainty analysis for a storm surge and wave model
LA Bastidas, J Knighton, SW Kline
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 16 (10), 2195-2210, 2016
Predicting flood insurance claims with hydrologic and socioeconomic demographics via machine learning: Exploring the roles of topography, minority populations, and political …
J Knighton, B Buchanan, C Guzman, R Elliott, E White, B Rahm
Journal of Environmental Management 272, 111051, 2020
Critical rainfall statistics for predicting watershed flood responses: rethinking the design storm concept
JO Knighton, MT Walter
Hydrological processes 30 (21), 3788-3803, 2016
A Proposed Probabilistic Seismic Tsunami Hazard Analysis Methodology
J Knighton, L Bastidas
Natural Hazards, 2015
Possible increases in flood frequency due to the loss of Eastern Hemlock in the Northeastern United States: Observational insights and predicted impacts
J Knighton, J Conneely, MT Walter
Water Resources Research 55 (7), 5342-5359, 2019
Estimating dominant runoff modes across the conterminous United States
B Buchanan, DA Auerbach, J Knighton, D Evensen, DR Fuka, Z Easton, ...
Hydrological Processes 32 (26), 3881-3890, 2018
Understanding catchment‐scale forest root water uptake strategies across the continental United States through inverse ecohydrological modeling
J Knighton, K Singh, J Evaristo
Geophysical Research Letters 47 (1), e2019GL085937, 2020
Development of probability distributions for urban hydrologic model parameters and a Monte Carlo analysis of model sensitivity
J Knighton, E White, E Lennon, R Rajan
Hydrological processes 28 (19), 5131-5139, 2014
Flood risk behaviors of United States riverine metropolitan areas are driven by local hydrology and shaped by race
J Knighton, K Hondula, C Sharkus, C Guzman, R Elliott
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (13), e2016839118, 2021
Potential predictability of regional precipitation and discharge extremes using synoptic-scale climate information via machine learning: An evaluation for the eastern …
J Knighton, G Pleiss, E Carter, S Lyon, MT Walter, S Steinschneider
Journal of Hydrometeorology 20 (5), 883-900, 2019
Hydrologic State Influence on Riverine Flood Discharge for a Small Temperate Watershed (Fall Creek, United States): Negative Feedbacks on the Effects of Climate Change
J Knighton, A DeGaetano, MT Walter
Journal of Hydrometeorology 18 (2), 431-449, 2017
Alignment of tree phenology and climate seasonality influences the runoff response to forest cover loss
J Knighton, V Vijay, M Palmer
Environmental Research Letters 15 (10), 104051, 2020
Invertebrate response to impacts of water diversion and flow regulation in high‐altitude tropical streams
D Rosero‐López, J Knighton, P Lloret, AC Encalada
River Research and Applications 36 (2), 223-233, 2020
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