Daniel Västfjäll
Daniel Västfjäll
Professor of Psychology; Research Scientist
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Emotional responses to music: The need to consider underlying mechanisms
PN Juslin, D Västfjäll
Behavioral and brain sciences 31 (5), 559-575, 2008
Numeracy and decision making
E Peters, D Västfjäll, P Slovic, CK Mertz, K Mazzocco, S Dickert
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E Peters, TM Hess, D Västfjäll, C Auman
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Emotion induction through music: A review of the musical mood induction procedure
D Västfjäll
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How does music evoke emotions? Exploring the underlying mechanisms.
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Intuition and cooperation reconsidered
G Tinghög, D Andersson, C Bonn, H Böttiger, C Josephson, G Lundgren, ...
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Does self-control predict financial behavior and financial well-being?
C Strömbäck, T Lind, K Skagerlund, D Västfjäll, G Tinghög
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Compassion fade: Affect and charity are greatest for a single child in need
D Västfjäll, P Slovic, M Mayorga, E Peters
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The measurement of core affect: A Swedish self‐report measure derived from the affect circumplex
D Västfjäll, M Friman, T Gärling, M Kleiner
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Public views on policies involving nudges
W Hagman, D Andersson, D Västfjäll, G Tinghög
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Registered replication report: Rand, greene, and nowak (2012)
S Bouwmeester, PPJL Verkoeijen, B Aczel, F Barbosa, L Bègue, ...
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Experimental evidence of the roles of music choice, social context, and listener personality in emotional reactions to music
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Neural underpinnings of the identifiable victim effect: Affect shifts preferences for giving
A Genevsky, D Västfjäll, P Slovic, B Knutson
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Intuitive numbers guide decisions
E Peters, P Slovic, D Västfjäll, CK Mertz
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Affect, risk perception and future optimism after the tsunami disaster
D Västfjäll, E Peters, P Slovic
Judgment and Decision making 3 (1), 64-72, 2008
The subjective sense of presence, emotion recognition, and experienced emotions in auditory virtual environments
D Västfjäll
CyberPsychology & Behavior 6 (2), 181-188, 2003
Iconic photographs and the ebb and flow of empathic response to humanitarian disasters
P Slovic, D Västfjäll, A Erlandsson, R Gregory
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (4), 640-644, 2017
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