Behzad Shiroud Heidari
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Warpage and shrinkage optimization of injection-molded plastic spoon parts for biodegradable polymers using Taguchi, ANOVA and artificial neural network methods
E Oliaei, BS Heidari, SM Davachi, M Bahrami, S Davoodi, I Hejazi, J Seyfi
Journal of Materials Science & Technology 32 (8), 710-720, 2016
Simulation of mechanical behavior and optimization of simulated injection molding process for PLA based antibacterial composite and nanocomposite bone screws using central …
BS Heidari, E Oliaei, H Shayesteh, SM Davachi, I Hejazi, J Seyfi, ...
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 65, 160-176, 2017
Interface modified polylactic acid/starch/poly ε-caprolactone antibacterial nanocomposite blends for medical applications
SM Davachi, BS Heidari, I Hejazi, J Seyfi, E Oliaei, A Farzaneh, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 155, 336-344, 2017
Preparation and characterization of interface-modified PLA/starch/PCL ternary blends using PLLA/triclosan antibacterial nanoparticles for medical applications
S Davoodi, E Oliaei, SM Davachi, I Hejazi, J Seyfi, BS Heidari, H Ebrahimi
RSC advances 6 (46), 39870-39882, 2016
Spatially heterogeneous tubular scaffolds for in situ heart valve tissue engineering using melt electrowriting
NT Saidy, A Fernández‐Colino, B Shiroud Heidari, R Kent, M Vernon, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 32 (21), 2110716, 2022
Preparation and characterization of composite blends based on polylactic acid/polycaprolactone and silk
S Balali, SM Davachi, R Sahraeian, B Shiroud Heidari, J Seyfi, I Hejazi
Biomacromolecules 19 (11), 4358-4369, 2018
Optimization simulated injection molding process for ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene nanocomposite hip liner using response surface methodology and simulation of …
BS Heidari, SM Davachi, AH Moghaddam, J Seyfi, I Hejazi, R Sahraeian, ...
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 81, 95-105, 2018
Natural, synthetic and commercially-available biopolymers used to regenerate tendons and ligaments
B Shiroud Heidari, R Ruan, E Vahabli, P Chen, EM De-Juan-Pardo, ...
Bioactive Materials 19, 179-197, 2023
The effect of nanoperlite and its silane treatment on the crystallinity, rheological, optical, and surface properties of polypropylene/nanoperlite nanocomposite films
SM Davachi, B Shiroud Heidari, R Sahraeian, A Abbaspourrad
Composites Part B: Engineering 175, 107088, 2019
Optimization of process parameters in plastic injection molding for minimizing the volumetric shrinkage and warpage using radial basis function (RBF) coupled with the k-fold …
B Shiroud Heidari, A Hedayati Moghaddam, SM Davachi, S Khamani, ...
Journal of Polymer Engineering 39 (5), 481-492, 2019
The effect of nanoperlite and its silane treatment on thermal properties and degradation of polypropylene/nanoperlite nanocomposite films
R Sahraeian, SM Davachi, B Shiroud Heidari
Composites Part B: Engineering 162, 103-111, 2019
Biofabrication and signaling strategies for tendon/ligament interfacial tissue engineering
B Shiroud Heidari, R Ruan, EM De-Juan-Pardo, M Zheng, B Doyle
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 7 (2), 383-399, 2021
Nanoperlite effect on thermal, rheological, surface and cellular properties of poly lactic acid/nanoperlite nanocomposites for multipurpose applications
ST Aval, SM Davachi, R Sahraeian, Y Dadmohammadi, BS Heidari, ...
Polymer Testing 91, 106779, 2020
A novel biocompatible polymeric blend for applications requiring high toughness and tailored degradation rate
B Shiroud Heidari, P Chen, R Ruan, SM Davachi, H Al-Salami, EDJ Pardo, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 9 (10), 2532-2546, 2021
The Technological Advancement to Engineer Next‐Generation Stent‐Grafts: Design, Material, and Fabrication Techniques
E Vahabli, J Mann, B Shiroud Heidari, M Lawrence‐Brown, P Norman, ...
Advanced healthcare materials 11 (13), 2200271, 2022
Optimized mercapto-modified resorcinol formaldehyde xerogel for adsorption of lead and copper ions from aqueous solutions
BS Heidari, VS Cheraghchi, S Motahari, GH Motlagh, SM Davachi
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 88, 236-248, 2018
A bio-inductive collagen scaffold that supports human primary tendon-derived cell growth for rotator cuff repair
P Chen, A Wang, W Haynes, E Landao-Bassonga, C Lee, R Ruan, ...
Journal of Orthopaedic Translation 31, 91-101, 2021
Novel hybrid biocomposites for tendon grafts: The addition of silk to polydioxanone and poly (lactide-co-caprolactone) enhances material properties, in vitro and in vivo …
B Shiroud Heidari, EM Lopez, E Harrington, R Ruan, P Chen, SM Davachi, ...
Bioactive Materials 25, 291-306, 2023
Investigating thermal and surface properties of low‐density polyethylene/nanoperlite nanocomposites for packaging applications
B Shiroud Heidari, SM Davachi, R Sahraeian, M Esfandeh, H Rashedi, ...
Polymer Composites 40 (7), 2929-2937, 2019
Resorcinol formaldehyde xerogels modified with mercapto functional groups as mercury adsorbent
S Motahari, B Shiroud Heidari, GH Motlagh
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 132 (37), 2015
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