Michael Polder
Michael Polder
Statistics Netherlands
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Sitert av
Product, process and organizational innovation: drivers, complementarity and productivity effects
M Polder, G Leeuwen, P Mohnen, W Raymond
CIRANO-scientific publications 2010s-28, 2010
Measuring resource efficiency and circular economy: A market value approach
F Di Maio, PC Rem, K Baldé, M Polder
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 122, 163-171, 2017
Productivity effects of innovation modes
M Polder, G Leeuwen, P Mohnen, W Raymond
Innovation and competition in the Netherlands: Testing the inverted-U for industries and firms
M Polder, E Veldhuizen
Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 12, 67-91, 2012
ICT and resilience in times of crisis: evidence from cross-country micro moments data
I Bertschek, M Polder, P Schulte
Economics of Innovation and New Technology 28 (8), 759-774, 2019
Productivity, technological innovations and broadband connectivity: firm-level evidence for ten European countries
EJ Bartelsman, M Falk, E Hagsten, M Polder
Eurasian Business Review 9 (1), 25-48, 2019
ICT, R&D, and organizational innovation: exploring complementarities in investment and production
P Mohnen, M Polder, G Van Leeuwen
Measuring and Accounting for Innovation in the 21st Century, 2019
CDM using a cross-country micro moments database
E Bartelsman, G van Leeuwen, M Polder
Economics of Innovation and New Technology 26 (1-2), 168-182, 2017
Experimental monetary valuation of ecosystem services and assets in the Netherlands
E Horlings, S Schenau, L Hein, M Lof, L de Jongh, M Polder
CBS Den Haag and Wageningen University & Research, 2020
Micro Moments Database for cross‐country analysis of ICT, innovation, and economic outcomes
E Bartelsman, E Hagsten, M Polder
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 27 (3), 626-648, 2018
The impact of digitalisation on productivity: Firm-level evidence from the Netherlands
M Borowiecki, J Pareliussen, D Glocker, EJ Kim, M Polder, I Rud
OECD, 2021
Micro and macro indicators of competition: comparison and relation with productivity change
M Polder, E Veldhuizen, D Bergen, E Pijll
Cross-country analysis of ICT impact using firm-level data: The micro moments database and research infrastructure
EJ Bartelsman, E Hagsten, M Polder
Eurostat, www. cros-portal. eu, 2013
ICTs and Jobs: Complements Or Substitutes?: the Effects of Ict Investment on Labour Market Demand by Skills and by Industry in Selected Oecd Countries: 2016 Ministerial Meeting …
V Spiezia, M Polder, G Presidente
OECD Publishing, 2016
Complementarities between Information Technologies and Innovation Modes in the Adoption and Outcome Stage: A MicroEconometric Analysis for the Netherlands. CAED conference
M Polder, F Zand, G Van Leeuwen, C Van Beers
CAED conference, 2012
Business dynamics, industry productivity growth, and the distribution of firm-level performance: evidence for the role of ICT using Dutch firm-level data
M Polder, H de Bondt, G van Leeuwen
The Journal of Technology Transfer 43, 1522-1541, 2018
Dynamics of labour and capital adjustment-a comparison of Germany and the Netherlands
M Polder, S Verick
Available at SSRN 571023, 2004
Productivity effects of innovation modes
G Van Leeuwen, P Mohnen, M Polder, W Raymond
Statistics Netherlands, 2009
Productivity effects of innovation modes: Work in Progress
G Van Leeuwen, P Mohnen, M Polder, W Raymond
Statistics Netherland Working Paper 4, 2009
The Multifaceted Nature of ICT: Final Report of the ESSnet on Linking of Microdata to AnalyseICT Impact
E Hangsten, M Polder, E Bartelsman, P Kotnik
Eurostat, 2013
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