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Bo Shen
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Increased resistance to oxidative stress in transgenic plants by targeting mannitol biosynthesis to chloroplasts
BO Shen, RG Jensen, HJ Bohnert
Plant Physiology 113 (4), 1177-1183, 1997
Mannitol protects against oxidation by hydroxyl radicals
B Shen, RG Jensen, HJ Bohnert
Plant physiology 115 (2), 527-532, 1997
A phenylalanine in DGAT is a key determinant of oil content and composition in maize
P Zheng, WB Allen, K Roesler, ME Williams, S Zhang, J Li, K Glassman, ...
Nature genetics 40 (3), 367-372, 2008
Transformation and compatible solutes
HJ Bohnert, BO Shen
Scientia horticulturae 78 (1-4), 237-260, 1998
Morphogenic Regulators Baby boom and Wuschel Improve Monocot Transformation
K Lowe, E Wu, N Wang, G Hoerster, C Hastings, MJ Cho, C Scelonge, ...
The Plant Cell 28 (9), 1998-2015, 2016
Expression of ZmLEC1 and ZmWRI1 Increases Seed Oil Production in Maize    
B Shen, WB Allen, P Zheng, C Li, K Glassman, J Ranch, D Nubel, ...
Plant physiology 153 (3), 980-987, 2010
Whole genome scan detects an allelic variant of fad2 associated with increased oleic acid levels in maize
A Beló, P Zheng, S Luck, B Shen, DJ Meyer, B Li, S Tingey, A Rafalski
Molecular Genetics and Genomics 279 (1), 1-10, 2008
Roles of sugar alcohols in osmotic stress adaptation. Replacement of glycerol by mannitol and sorbitol in yeast
B Shen, S Hohmann, RG Jensen, HJ Bohnert
Plant Physiology 121 (1), 45-52, 1999
High free‐methionine and decreased lignin content result from a mutation in the Arabidopsis S‐adenosyl‐L‐methionine synthetase 3 gene
B Shen, C Li, MC Tarczynski
The Plant Journal 29 (3), 371-380, 2002
Engineering for drought avoidance: expression of maize NADP‐malic enzyme in tobacco results in altered stomatal function
MM Laporte, B Shen, MC Tarczynski
Journal of Experimental Botany 53 (369), 699-705, 2002
The homeobox gene GLABRA2 affects seed oil content in Arabidopsis
B Shen, KW Sinkevicius, DA Selinger, MC Tarczynski
Plant molecular biology 60 (3), 377-387, 2006
sal1 determines the number of aleurone cell layers in maize endosperm and encodes a class E vacuolar sorting protein
B Shen, C Li, Z Min, RB Meeley, MC Tarczynski, OA Olsen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (11), 6552-6557, 2003
Partial sequencing and mapping of clones from two maize cDNA libraries
B Shen, N Carneiro, I Torres-Jerez, B Stevenson, T McCreery, ...
Plant molecular biology 26 (4), 1085-1101, 1994
Transcriptional regulation of nitrogen-associated metabolism and growth
A Gaudinier, J Rodriguez-Medina, L Zhang, A Olson, C Liseron-Monfils, ...
Nature 563 (7730), 259-264, 2018
The role of 5′-adenylylsulfate reductase in controlling sulfate reduction in plants
MN Martin, MC Tarczynski, B Shen, T Leustek
Photosynthesis Research 86 (3), 309-323, 2005
Salinity tolerance—mechanisms, models and the metabolic engineering of complex traits
DE Nelson, B Shen, HJ Bohnert
Genetic engineering, 153-176, 1998
Molecular mechanisms of salinity tolerance
HJ Bohnert, H Su, B Shen
Molecular responses to cold, drought, heat and salt stress in higher plants …, 1999
High‐throughput near‐infrared reflectance spectroscopy for predicting quantitative and qualitative composition phenotypes of individual maize kernels
G Spielbauer, P Armstrong, JW Baier, WB Allen, K Richardson, B Shen, ...
Cereal chemistry 86 (5), 556-564, 2009
An improved variant of soybean type 1 diacylglycerol acyltransferase increases the oil content and decreases the soluble carbohydrate content of soybeans
K Roesler, B Shen, E Bermudez, C Li, J Hunt, HG Damude, KG Ripp, ...
Plant physiology 171 (2), 878-893, 2016
Alteration of oil traits in plants
SM Allen, WB Allen, RE Cahoon, S Epelbaum, OO Famodu, LT Harvell, ...
US Patent 7,157,621, 2007
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