Achim Klug
Achim Klug
Associate Professor of Physiology & Biophysics, University of Colorado
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Dissecting the circuitry of the auditory system
GD Pollak, RM Burger, A Klug
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Response selectivity for species-specific calls in the inferior colliculus of Mexican free-tailed bats is generated by inhibition
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Fenestration of the calyx of Held occurs sequentially along the tonotopic axis, is influenced by afferent activity, and facilitates glutamate clearance
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How do short-term changes at synapses fine-tune information processing?
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Activation and Deactivation of Voltage-Dependent K+ Channels During Synaptically Driven Action Potentials in the MNTB
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Multiple components of ipsilaterally evoked inhibition in the inferior colliculus
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Spectral determination of responses to species-specific calls in the dorsal nucleus of the lateral lemniscus
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An integrated circuit for simultaneous extracellular electrophysiology recording and optogenetic neural manipulation
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Modeling short-term synaptic plasticity at the calyx of Held using in vivo-like stimulation patterns
J Hermann, B Grothe, A Klug
Journal of neurophysiology 101 (1), 20-30, 2009
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