Anne Jung
Anne Jung
Technische Mechanik - Prof. für Schäume und Metamaterialien, Universität des Saarlandes
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Sitert av
Sitert av
Nanocrystalline alumina dispersed in nanocrystalline nickel: enhanced mechanical properties
A Jung, H Natter, R Hempelmann, E Lach
Journal of materials science 44 (11), 2725-2735, 2009
Nanonickel coated aluminum foam for enhanced impact energy absorption
A Jung, H Natter, S Diebels, E Lach, R Hempelmann
Advanced Engineering Materials 13 (1‐2), 23-28, 2011
New hybrid foam materials for impact protection
A Jung, E Lach, S Diebels
International Journal of Impact Engineering 64, 30-38, 2014
Microstructural characterisation and experimental determination of a multiaxial yield surface for open-cell aluminium foams
A Jung, S Diebels
Materials & Design 131, 252-264, 2017
Open-cell aluminium foams with graded coatings as passively controllable energy absorbers
A Jung, LAA Beex, S Diebels, SPA Bordas
Materials & Design 87, 36-41, 2015
Micromechanical characterisation of Ni/Al hybrid foams by nano-and microindentation coupled with EBSD
A Jung, Z Chen, J Schmauch, C Motz, S Diebels
Acta Materialia 102, 38-48, 2016
Microtensile testing of open-cell metal foams—Experimental setup, micromechanical properties
A Jung, M Wocker, Z Chen, H Seibert
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Microstructural Analysis of Electrochemical Coated Open‐Cell Metal Foams by EBSD and Nanoindentation
A Jung, S Diebels, A Koblischka‐Veneva, J Schmauch, A Barnoush, ...
Advanced Engineering Materials 16 (1), 15-20, 2014
Hybrid Metal Foams
A Jung, MR Koblischka, E Lach, S Diebels, H Natter
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Strain-rate effects in Ni/Al composite metal foams from quasi-static to low-velocity impact behaviour
A Jung, AD Pullen, WG Proud
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 85, 1-11, 2016
In-situ and ex-situ microtensile testing of individual struts of Al foams and Ni/Al hybrid foams
A Jung, J Luksch, S Diebels, F Schäfer, C Motz
Materials & Design 153, 104-119, 2018
Experimental and numerical investigation of single pores for identification of effective metal foams properties
S Heinze, T Bleistein, A Düster, S Diebels, A Jung
ZAMM‐Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics/Zeitschrift für Angewandte …, 2018
Synthesis and mechanical properties of novel Ni/PU hybrid foams: a new economic composite material for energy absorbers
A Jung, S Diebels
Advanced Engineering Materials 18 (4), 532-541, 2016
Metal foams
A Jung, H Natter, R Hemplelmann, E Lach
WO Patent App. PCT/EP2010/003,464, 2010
Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline metals on open cell metal foams: improved mechanical properties
A Jung, H Natter, R Hempelmann, S Diebels, MR Koblischka, U Hartmann, ...
ECS Transactions 25 (41), 165, 2010
Metal foams
A Jung, HD Natter, RP Hempelmann, E Lach
EP Patent App. 20,090,007,696, 2009
Correlative digital image correlation and infrared thermography measurements for the investigation of the mesoscopic deformation behaviour of foams
A Jung, K Al Majthoub, C Jochum, SM Kirsch, F Welsch, S Seelecke, ...
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 130, 165-180, 2019
A microsphere-based material model for open cell metal foams
T Bleistein, A Jung, S Diebels
Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics 32 (1), 255-267, 2020
Micromechanical characterization of metal foams
A Jung, S Diebels
Advanced Engineering Materials 21 (8), 1900237, 2019
Hybrid auxetic structures: Structural optimization and mechanical characterization
S Bronder, M Adorna, T Fíla, P Koudelka, J Falta, O Jiroušek, A Jung
Advanced Engineering Materials 23 (5), 2001393, 2021
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