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Paul L. Hooper
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Intergenerational Wealth Transmission and the Dynamics of Inequality in Small-Scale Societies
M Borgerhoff Mulder, S Bowles, T Hertz, A Bell, J Beise, G Clark, I Fazzio, ...
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PL Hooper, HS Kaplan, JL Boone
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Leadership in mammalian societies: emergence, distribution, power, and payoff
JE Smith, S Gavrilets, MB Mulder, PL Hooper, C El Mouden, D Nettle, ...
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PL Hooper, PL Hooper
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Domestication alone does not lead to inequality
M Gurven, MB Mulder, PL Hooper, H Kaplan, R Quinlan, R Sear, ...
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Does Market Integration Buffer Risk, Erode Traditional Sharing Practices and Increase Inequality? A Test among Bolivian Forager-Farmers
M Gurven, AV Jaeggi, C von Rueden, PL Hooper, H Kaplan
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Learning, menopause, and the human adaptive complex
H Kaplan, M Gurven, J Winking, PL Hooper, J Stieglitz
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Mutual mate choice can drive costly signaling even under perfect monogamy
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Xenohormesis: health benefits from an eon of plant stress response evolution
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HS Kaplan, JA Bock, PL Hooper
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TA Kohler, D Cockburn, PL Hooper, RK Bocinsky, Z Kobti
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Status competition, inequality, and fertility: implications for the demographic transition
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How to Make a Polity (in the Central Mesa Verde Region)
SA Crabtree, RK Bocinsky, PL Hooper, SC Ryan, TA Kohler
American Antiquity 82 (1), 71-95, 2017
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