Patrick Kline
Patrick Kline
Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley
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Where is the land of opportunity? The geography of intergenerational mobility in the United States
R Chetty, N Hendren, P Kline, E Saez
The Quarterly Journal of Economics 129 (4), 1553-1623, 2014
Workplace heterogeneity and the rise of West German wage inequality
D Card, J Heining, P Kline
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Is the United States still a land of opportunity? Recent trends in intergenerational mobility
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Firms and labor market inequality: Evidence and some theory
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Local economic development, agglomeration economies, and the big push: 100 years of evidence from the Tennessee Valley Authority
P Kline, E Moretti
The Quarterly journal of economics 129 (1), 275-331, 2014
Bargaining, sorting, and the gender wage gap: Quantifying the impact of firms on the relative pay of women
D Card, AR Cardoso, P Kline
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Assessing the incidence and efficiency of a prominent place based policy
M Busso, J Gregory, P Kline
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People, places, and public policy: Some simple welfare economics of local economic development programs
P Kline, E Moretti
Annu. Rev. Econ. 6 (1), 629-662, 2014
Evaluating Public Programs with Close Substitutes: The Case of Head Start
P Kline, C Walters
Who profits from patents? rent-sharing at innovative firms
P Kline, N Petkova, H Williams, O Zidar
The quarterly journal of economics 134 (3), 1343-1404, 2019
Leave‐out estimation of variance components
P Kline, R Saggio, M Sølvsten
Econometrica 88 (5), 1859-1898, 2020
Oaxaca-Blinder as a reweighting estimator
P Kline
American Economic Review 101 (3), 532-537, 2011
A score based approach to wild bootstrap inference
P Kline, A Santos
Journal of Econometric Methods 1 (1), 23-41, 2012
Systemic discrimination among large US employers
P Kline, EK Rose, CR Walters
The Quarterly Journal of Economics 137 (4), 1963-2036, 2022
Place based policies, heterogeneity, and agglomeration
P Kline
American Economic Review 100 (2), 383-387, 2010
Place based policies with unemployment
P Kline, E Moretti
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Relational costs and the production of social capital: Evidence from carpooling
KK Charles, P Kline
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The impact of juvenile curfew laws on arrests of youth and adults
P Kline
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The equality of opportunity project
R Chetty, N Hendren, P Kline, E Saez, N Turner
Washington DC: Brookings Institution, 2013
Place-based redistribution
C Gaubert, PM Kline, D Yagan
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2021
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