Catherine Attard
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A novel holistic framework for genetic‐based captive‐breeding and reintroduction programs
CRM Attard, LM Möller, M Sasaki, MP Hammer, CM Bice, CJ Brauer, ...
Conservation Biology 30 (5), 1060-1069, 2016
Hybridization of Southern Hemisphere blue whale subspecies and a sympatric area off Antarctica: impacts of whaling or climate change?
CRM Attard, LB Beheregaray, KCS Jenner, PC Gill, MN Jenner, ...
Molecular ecology 21 (23), 5715-5727, 2012
"Nested” cryptic diversity in a widespread marine ecosystem engineer: a challenge for detecting biological invasions
PR Teske, M Rius, CD McQuaid, CA Styan, MP Piggott, S Benhissoune, ...
BMC evolutionary biology 11 (1), 176, 2011
Genetic diversity and structure of blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) in Australian feeding aggregations
CRM Attard, LB Beheregaray, C Jenner, P Gill, M Jenner, M Morrice, ...
Conservation Genetics 11 (6), 2437-2441, 2010
Genome-wide data delimits multiple climate-determined species ranges in a widespread Australian fish, the golden perch (Macquaria ambigua)
LB Beheregaray, LV Pfeiffer, CRM Attard, J Sandoval-Castillo, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 111, 65-75, 2017
Genotyping‐by‐sequencing for estimating relatedness in nonmodel organisms: Avoiding the trap of precise bias
CRM Attard, LB Beheregaray, LM Möller
Molecular ecology resources 18 (3), 381-390, 2018
Low genetic diversity in pygmy blue whales is due to climate-induced diversification rather than anthropogenic impacts
CRM Attard, LB Beheregaray, KCS Jenner, PC Gill, MNM Jenner, ...
Biology letters 11 (5), 20141037, 2015
Ecological disturbance influences adaptive divergence despite high gene flow in golden perch (Macquaria ambigua): Implications for management and resilience to climate change
CRM Attard, CJ Brauer, J Sandoval‐Castillo, LK Faulks, PJ Unmack, ...
Molecular ecology 27 (1), 196-215, 2018
Towards population-level conservation in the critically endangered Antarctic blue whale: the number and distribution of their populations
C Attard, L Beheregaray, L Möller
Scientific Reports 6, 22291, 2016
Mark recapture analysis of pygmy blue whales from the Perth Canyon, Western Australia 2000-2005
C Jenner, M Jenner, C Burton, V Sturrock, C Salgado Kent, M Morrice, ...
Paper SC/60/SH16 presented to the IWC Scientific Committee (unpublished), 2008
From conservation genetics to conservation genomics: a genome-wide assessment of blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) in Australian feeding aggregations
CRM Attard, LB Beheregaray, J Sandoval-Castillo, KCS Jenner, PC Gill, ...
Royal Society Open Science 5 (1), 170925, 2018
swinger: a user‐friendly computer program to establish captive breeding groups that minimize relatedness without pedigree information
J Sandoval‐Castillo, CRM Attard, S Marri, CJ Brauer, LM Möller, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 17 (2), 278-287, 2017
First assessment of persistent organic pollutant contamination in blubber of Chilean blue whales from Isla de Chiloé, southern Chile
J Muñoz-Arnanz, AD Chirife, BG Vernazzani, E Cabrera, M Sironi, J Millán, ...
Science of the Total Environment 650, 1521-1528, 2019
Phylogenomic history of enigmatic pygmy perches: implications for biogeography, taxonomy and conservation
SJ Buckley, FMCB Domingos, CRM Attard, CJ Brauer, ...
Royal Society Open Science 5 (6), 172125, 2018
Isolation and characterisation of microsatellite loci in the Australian freshwater catfish (Tandanus tandanus)
ML Rourke, PR Teske, CRM Attard, DM Gilligan, LB Beheregaray
Conservation Genetics Resources 2 (1), 245-248, 2010
Innovations in conservation: How genetics can help save freshwater fishes
L Beheregaray, C Attard, C Brauer, M Hammer
Wildlife Australia 53 (3), 34, 2016
Genome‐wide association study of an unusual dolphin mortality event reveals candidate genes for susceptibility and resistance to cetacean morbillivirus
KC Batley, J Sandoval‐Castillo, CM Kemper, CRM Attard, N Zanardo, ...
Evolutionary Applications, 2018
Multi-generational evaluation of genetic diversity and parentage in captive southern pygmy perch (Nannoperca australis)
CRM Attard, CJ Brauer, JD Van Zoelen, M Sasaki, MP Hammer, ...
Conservation Genetics 17 (6), 1469-1473, 2016
Genetic identity of blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) in Geographe Bay, Western Australia: Progress report
CRM Attard, LB Beheregaray, CLK Burton, KCS Jenner, PC Gill, ...
Paper SC/64/SH27 presented to the IWC Scientific Committee (unpublished …, 2012
Developing a Population Genomic Approach for Indicators of Environmental Condition in the Lake Eyre Basin
LB Beheregaray, CRM Attard
Goyder Institute for Water Research Technical Report Series, 2015
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