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Ecological impacts of invasive alien plants: a meta‐analysis of their effects on species, communities and ecosystems
M Vilà, JL Espinar, M Hejda, PE Hulme, V Jarošík, JL Maron, J Pergl, ...
Ecology letters 14 (7), 702-708, 2011
A global assessment of invasive plant impacts on resident species, communities and ecosystems: the interaction of impact measures, invading species' traits and environment
P Pyšek, V Jarošík, PE Hulme, J Pergl, M Hejda, U Schaffner, M Vilà
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H Müller-Schärer, U Schaffner, T Steinger
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Bias and error in understanding plant invasion impacts
PE Hulme, P Pyšek, V Jarošík, J Pergl, U Schaffner, M Vila
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Exotic invasive knotweeds (Fallopia spp.) negatively affect native plant and invertebrate assemblages in European riparian habitats
E Gerber, C Krebs, C Murrell, M Moretti, R Rocklin, U Schaffner
Biological conservation 141 (3), 646-654, 2008
Invasive knotweed affects native plants through allelopathy
C Murrell, E Gerber, C Krebs, M Parepa, U Schaffner, O Bossdorf
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Shift in cytotype frequency and niche space in the invasive plant Centaurea maculosa
UA Treier, O Broennimann, S Normand, A Guisan, U Schaffner, T Steinger, ...
Ecology 90 (5), 1366-1377, 2009
Do vigour of introduced populations and escape from specialist herbivores contribute to invasiveness?
M Stastny, URS Schaffner, E Elle
Journal of Ecology 93 (1), 27-37, 2005
Sequestration of host plant glucosinolates in the defensive hemolymph of the sawfly Athalia rosae
C Müller, N Agerbirk, CE Olsen, JL Boevé, U Schaffner, PM Brakefield
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Biological Flora of the British Isles: Ambrosia artemisiifolia
F Essl, K Biró, D Brandes, O Broennimann, JM Bullock, DS Chapman, ...
Journal of Ecology 103 (4), 1069-1098, 2015
Classical biological control: exploiting enemy escape to manage plant invasions
H Müller-Schärer, U Schaffner
Biological Invasions 10 (6), 859-874, 2008
Host Range Testing of Insects for Biological Weed Control: How Can It Be Better Interpreted? Data on the host range of biocontrol candidates are particularly relevant in …
U Schaffner
BioScience 51 (11), 951-959, 2001
Prospects for biological control of Ambrosia artemisiifolia in Europe: learning from the past
E Gerber, U Schaffner, A Gassmann, HL Hinz, M Seier, ...
Weed Research 51 (6), 559-573, 2011
Selection of non-target species for host specificity testing
U Kuhlmann, U Schaffner, PG Mason
Environmental impact of invertebrates for biological control of arthropods …, 2006
Plant invasions, generalist herbivores, and novel defense weapons
U Schaffner, WM Ridenour, VC Wolf, T Bassett, C Müller, ...
Ecology 92 (4), 829-835, 2011
Evidence for a combination of pre‐adapted traits and rapid adaptive change in the invasive plant Centaurea stoebe
ML Henery, G Bowman, P Mraz, UA Treier, E Gex‐Fabry, U Schaffner, ...
Journal of Ecology 98 (4), 800-813, 2010
Carbon addition alters vegetation composition on ex‐arable fields
R Eschen, SR Mortimer, CS Lawson, AR Edwards, AJ Brook, JM Igual, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 44 (1), 95-104, 2007
Scale‐dependent effects of land use on plant species richness of mountain grassland in the European Alps
T Spiegelberger, D Matthies, H Müller‐Schärer, U Schaffner
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Agro-ecological options for fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith) management: Providing low-cost, smallholder friendly solutions to an invasive pest
RD Harrison, C Thierfelder, F Baudron, P Chinwada, C Midega, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 243, 318-330, 2019
Ophraella communa, the ragweed leaf beetle, has successfully landed in Europe: fortunate coincidence or threat?
H Müller‐Schärer, STE Lommen, M Rossinelli, M Bonini, M Boriani, ...
Weed research 54 (2), 109-119, 2014
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