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A model for spontaneous imbibition as a mechanism for oil recovery in fractured reservoirs
PØ Andersen, S Evje, H Kleppe
Transport in porous media 101 (2), 299-331, 2014
Review of experimental sorption studies of CO2 and CH4 in shales
I Klewiah, DS Berawala, HCA Walker, PØ Andersen, PH Nadeau
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A geochemical model for interpretation of chalk core flooding experiments
PØ Andersen, S Evje, MV Madland, A Hiorth
Chemical engineering science 84, 218-241, 2012
Comparative study of five outcrop chalks flooded at reservoir conditions: chemo-mechanical behaviour and profiles of compositional alteration
PØ Andersen, W Wang, MV Madland, U Zimmermann, RI Korsnes, ...
Transport in Porous Media 121 (1), 135-181, 2018
Cocurrent spontaneous imbibition in porous media with the dynamics of viscous coupling and capillary backpressure
PØ Andersen, Y Qiao, DC Standnes, S Evje
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A mixture theory approach to model co-and counter-current two-phase flow in porous media accounting for viscous coupling
Y Qiao, PØ Andersen, S Evje, DC Standnes
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Temperature effects on rock engineering properties and rock-fluid chemistry in opal-CT-bearing chalk
MW Minde, W Wang, MV Madland, U Zimmermann, RI Korsnes, ...
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A Model for Wettability Alteration in Fractured Reservoirs
PØ Andersen, S Evje, H Kleppe, SM Skjæveland
SPE Journal 20 (6), 1261-1275, 2015
Waterflooding oil-saturated core samples-Analytical solutions for steady-state capillary end effects and correction of residual saturation
PØ Andersen, DC Standnes, SM Skjæveland
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A novel relative permeability model based on mixture theory approach accounting for solid–fluid and fluid–fluid interactions
DC Standnes, S Evje, PØ Andersen
Transport in Porous Media 119 (3), 707-738, 2017
Analysis of the impact of fluid viscosities on the rate of countercurrent spontaneous imbibition
DC Standnes, PØ Andersen
Energy & fuels 31 (7), 6928-6940, 2017
Modeling viscosity of CO2 at high temperature and pressure conditions
MN Amar, MA Ghriga, H Ouaer, MEAB Seghier, BT Pham, PØ Andersen
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 77, 103271, 2020
Estimation of adsorption capacity of CO2, CH4, and their binary mixtures in Quidam shale using LSSVM: Application in CO2 enhanced shale gas recovery and CO2 storage
A Bemani, A Baghban, AH Mohammadi, PØ Andersen
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 76, 103204, 2020
A model for reactive flow in fractured porous media
PØ Andersen, S Evje
Chemical Engineering Science 145, 196-213, 2016
Darcy-Scale simulation of Boundary-Condition effects during Capillary-Dominated flow in high-permeability systems
PØ Andersen, B Brattekås, O Nødland, A Lohne, TL Føyen, MA Fernø
SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering 22 (02), 673-691, 2019
Modeling of Spontaneous–Imbibition Experiments With Porous Disk—On the Validity of Exponential Prediction
PØ Andersen, S Evje, A Hiorth
SPE Journal 22 (05), 1326-1337, 2017
Controlling parameters during continuum flow in shale-gas production: a fracture/matrix-modeling approach
DS Berawala, PØ Andersen
SPE Journal 24 (03), 1378-1394, 2019
A novel bounded capillary pressure correlation with application to both mixed and strongly wetted porous media
PØ Andersen, SM Skjæveland, DC Standnes
Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference, 2017
The effect of aqueous chemistry ph on the time-dependent deformation behaviour of chalk experimental and modelling study
M Megawati, PØ Andersen, R Korsnes, H Hiorth, M Madland
Pore2Fluid IFP Energies nouvelles Paris, Nov, 16-18, 2011
A simplified modelling approach for petroleum recovery by spontaneous imbibition in naturally fractured reservoirs
PØ Andersen
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 63, 95-114, 2019
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