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Ragnhild Lyngved Staberg
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Liquid culture systems for in vitro plant propagation
AK Hvoslef-Eide, W Preil
Springer Science & Business Media, 2005
Embryo-specific Proteins in Cyclamen persicum Analyzed with 2-D DIGE
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Bioreactor design for propagation of somatic embryos
AK Hvoslef-Eide, OAS Olsen, R Lyngved, C Munster, PH Heyerdahl
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SA Sikko, R Lyngved, B Pepin
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Teaching outbreak investigation to undergraduate food technologists
H Karlsen, L Mehli, E Wahl, RL Staberg
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Liquid culture systems for plant propagation
AKH Eide, C Munster, PH Heyerdahl, R Lyngved, OAS Olsen
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Læreplananalyse av kritisk tenking og bærekraftig utvikling i norsk og svensk læreplan
E Scheie, T Berglund, E Munkebye, RL Staberg, N Gericke
Acta Didactica Norden (ADNO) 16 (2), 2022
Learning about cloning: developing student knowledge and interest through an interactive, context-based approach
R Lyngved
Nordic Studies in Science Education 5 (2), 142-157, 2009
Working with mathematics and science teachers on IBL approaches: teacher concerns [VISIONS 2011: Teacher Education]
SA Sikko, R Lyngved, B Pepin
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Influence of potential growth factors on the production of proembryogenic masses of Cyclamen persicum Mill. in bioreactors
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Working with teachers on inquiry based learning (IBL) and mathematics and science tasks
R Lyngved, B Pepin, SA Sikko
FoU i praksis 2011. Rapport fra konferanse om praksisrettet FoU i …, 2012
Identifying the ‘Different We’s’ in Primary Teachers’ Education for Sustainable Development Discourse—A Positioning Theory Perspective
SM Felix, A Lykknes, RL Staberg
Sustainability 14 (20), 13444, 2022
Biologi for lærere: naturfag i grunnskolelærerutdanningen 5.-10. trinn
JM Grindeland, R Lyngved, C Tandberg
Gyldendal, 2012
Science teachers’ interactions with resources for formative assessment purposes
RL Staberg, MIM Febri, Ø Gjøvik, SA Sikko, B Pepin
Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability 35 (1), 5-35, 2023
Interest, identity and perceptions: What makes a food technologist?
RL Staberg, AN Jakobsen, JR Persson, L Mehli
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Liquid Systems for in vitro Mass Propagation of Plant's
AK Hvoslef-Eide, AS Olsen, R Lyngved
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Qualifying the science experiences of young students through dialogue-A Norwegian lesson study
E Munkebye, RL Staberg
Cogent Education 10 (1), 2164006, 2023
Viktigheten av studentaktiv og praksisnær læring for utformingen av en matteknolog
L Mehli, AN Jakobsen, RJ Persson, RL Staberg
D 5.2 Cross comparative analysis of country studies
B Pepin, SA Sikko, J Cyvin, M Immaculata, ØG Febri, RL Staberg
Inquiry-based Learning in Maths and Science Classes: What it is and how it Works-Examples-Experiences
AM Abril, D Aguirre, AM Aldorf, S András, E Antal, MR Ariza, M Blomhøj, ...
University of Education (Pädagogische Hochschule), 2013
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