Melanie A Martin
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Fatty acid composition in the mature milk of Bolivian forager‐horticulturalists: controlled comparisons with a US sample
MA Martin, WD Lassek, SJC Gaulin, RW Evans, JG Woo, SR Geraghty, ...
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AD Blackwell, MA Tamayo, B Beheim, BC Trumble, J Stieglitz, PL Hooper, ...
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Evidence for a peak shift in a humoral response to helminths: age profiles of IgE in the Shuar of Ecuador, the Tsimane of Bolivia, and the US NHANES
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Modernization is associated with intensive breastfeeding patterns in the Bolivian Amazon
A Veile, M Martin, L McAllister, M Gurven
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Infant gut microbiota: developmental influences and health outcomes
MA Martin, DA Sela
Building babies: Primate development in proximate and ultimate perspective …, 2013
Make New Friends and Keep the Old? Parasite Coinfection and Comorbidity in Homo sapiens
M Martin, AD Blackwell, M Gurven, H Kaplan
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Conflict or congruence? Maternal and infant-centric factors associated with shorter exclusive breastfeeding durations among the Tsimane
MA Martin, G Garcia, HS Kaplan, MD Gurven
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Microbiota assembly, structure, and dynamics among Tsimane horticulturalists of the Bolivian Amazon
DD Sprockett, M Martin, EK Costello, AR Burns, SP Holmes, MD Gurven, ...
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Variation among populations in the immune protein composition of mother’s milk reflects subsistence pattern
LD Klein, J Huang, EA Quinn, MA Martin, AA Breakey, M Gurven, ...
Evolution, medicine, and public health 2018 (1), 230-245, 2018
Salivary microbiomes of indigenous Tsimane mothers and infants are distinct despite frequent premastication
CS Han, MA Martin, AEK Dichosa, AR Daughton, S Frietze, H Kaplan, ...
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Differences in Tsimane children’s growth outcomes and associated determinants as estimated by WHO standards vs. within-population references
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Mixed-feeding in humans: evolution and current implications
M Martin
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Timing of pubertal growth and menarche in indigenous Qom girls of Argentina
MA Martin, C Valeggia
Annals of Human Biology 45 (4), 321-329, 2018
Biological Anthropology in 2018: Grounded in Theory, Questioning Contexts, Embracing Innovation
MA Martin
American Anthropologist 121 (2), 2019
Exploring patterns and pathways of dietary change: Preferred foods, oral health, and stable isotope analysis of hair from the Dani of Mulia, Papua, Indonesia
AD Somerville, MA Martin, LP Hayes, D Hayward, PL Walker, ...
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Birth mode and infectious morbidity risks in Qom children of Argentina
MA Martin, AJ Veile, CR Valeggia
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Toxicoanthropology: phthalate exposure in relation to market access in a remote forager-horticulturalist population
M Sobolewski, B Weiss, M Martin, M Gurven, E Barrett
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Traditional and biomedical maternal and neonatal care practices in a rural Indigenous population of the Bolivian Amazon
MA Martin, M Gurven
Global public health 17 (6), 971-985, 2022
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