Mari Rege
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The impact of social approval and framing on cooperation in public good situations
M Rege, K Telle
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Parental Job Loss and Children's School Performance
M Rege, K Telle, M Votruba
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Social norms and private provision of public goods
M Rege
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On social norms: the evolution of considerate smoking behavior
K Nyborg, M Rege
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Does public policy crowd out private contributions to public goods
K Nyborg, M Rege
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Why do people care about social status?
M Rege
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 66 (2), 233-242, 2008
Misery loves company: Social regret and social interaction effects in choices under risk and uncertainty
DJ Cooper, M Rege
Games and Economic Behavior, 2011
Social interaction effects in disability pension participation: evidence from plant downsizing
M Rege, K Telle, M Votruba
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How can we inspire nations of learners? An investigation of growth mindset and challenge-seeking in two countries.
M Rege, P Hanselman, IF Solli, CS Dweck, S Ludvigsen, E Bettinger, ...
American Psychologist 76 (5), 755, 2021
Home with mom: the effects of stay-at-home parents on children’s long-run educational outcomes
E Bettinger, T Hægeland, M Rege
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Trapped at home: The effect of mothers' temporary labor market exits on their subsequent work career
N Drange, M Rege
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Job displacement and crime: Evidence from Norwegian register data
M Rege, T Skardhamar, K Telle, M Votruba
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Divorced fathers’ proximity and children’s long-run outcomes: Evidence from Norwegian registry data
A Kalil, M Mogstad, M Rege, M Votruba
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Investing in early childhood development in preschool and at home
G Duncan, A Kalil, M Mogstad, M Rege
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Study protocol:“Two Teachers”: A randomized controlled trial investigating individual and complementary effects of teacher-student ratio in literacy instruction and …
OJ Solheim, M Rege, E McTigue
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Father presence and the intergenerational transmission of educational attainment
A Kalil, M Mogstad, M Rege, ME Votruba
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Strategic policy and environmental quality: Helping the domestic industry to provide credible information
M Rege
Environmental and Resource Economics 15, 279-296, 2000
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