Yi-Sheng (Eason) Chen
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Understanding and mitigating hydrogen embrittlement of steels: a review of experimental, modelling and design progress from atomistic to continuum
O Barrera, D Bombac, Y Chen, TD Daff, E Galindo-Nava, P Gong, D Haley, ...
Journal of materials science 53 (9), 6251-6290, 2018
Observation of hydrogen trapping at dislocations, grain boundaries, and precipitates
YS Chen, H Lu, J Liang, A Rosenthal, H Liu, G Sneddon, I McCarroll, ...
Science 367 (6474), 171-175, 2020
Direct observation of individual hydrogen atoms at trapping sites in a ferritic steel
YS Chen, D Haley, SSA Gerstl, AJ London, F Sweeney, RA Wepf, ...
Science 355 (6330), 1196-1199, 2017
High Efficiency Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Solar Cells with Shallow LiZn Acceptor Defects Enabled by Solution‐Based Li Post‐Deposition Treatment
M He, X Zhang, J Huang, J Li, C Yan, J Kim, YS Chen, L Yang, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 11 (13), 2003783, 2021
Hydrogen in pipeline steels: Recent advances in characterization and embrittlement mitigation
H Li, R Niu, W Li, H Lu, J Cairney, YS Chen
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 105, 104709, 2022
Observing hydrogen in steel using cryogenic atom probe tomography: A simplified approach
YS Chen, PAJ Bagot, MP Moody, D Haley
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44 (60), 32280-32291, 2019
Atom probe tomography for the observation of hydrogen in materials: A review
YS Chen, PY Liu, R Niu, A Devaraj, HW Yen, RKW Marceau, JM Cairney
Microscopy and Microanalysis 29 (1), 1-15, 2023
Cryo atom probe: Freezing atoms in place for 3D mapping
YS Chen, MJ Griffith, JM Cairney
Nano Today 37, 101107, 2021
Enabling atom probe analyses of new materials classes with vacuum-cryo-transfer capabilities
SSA Gerstl, S Tacke, YS Chen, J Wagner, R Wepf
Microscopy and Microanalysis 23 (S1), 612-613, 2017
Atom probe tomography of encapsulated hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
DS Mosiman, YS Chen, L Yang, B Hawkett, SP Ringer, BJ Mariñas, ...
Small Methods 5 (2), 2000692, 2021
Correlative UHV-cryo transfer suite: Connecting atom probe, SEM-FIB, transmission electron microscopy via an environmentally-controlled glovebox
JM Cairney, I McCarroll, YS Chen, K Eder, T Sato, Z Liu, A Rosenthal, ...
Microscopy and Microanalysis 25 (S2), 2494-2495, 2019
Low-voltage coherent electron microscopy based on a highly coherent electron source built from a nanoemitter
CY Lin, WT Chang, WH Hsu, MT Chang, YS Chen, ET Hwu, WC Huang, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 36 (3), 2018
Hydrogen embrittlement: future directions—discussion
H Lambert, YS Chen
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2017
Direct observation of hydrogen distribution in pearlite
YSE Chen, R Niu, PY Liu, P Burr, J Cairney
Microscopy and Microanalysis 28 (S1), 1618-1620, 2022
Hydrogen transport and trapping: from quantum effects to alloy design: discussion
YS Chen, H Lambert
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2017
Low-kilovolt coherent electron diffractive imaging instrument based on a single-atom electron source
CY Lin, WT Chang, YS Chen, ET Hwu, CS Chang, IS Hwang, WH Hsu
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 34 (2), 2016
Strategy of complex carbides in microalloyed 4Mn steels processed by quenching and austenite reversion
SL Lu, SC Yang, K Zhu, YS Chen, JM Cairney, CM Lin, HW Yen
Materials & Design 230, 111951, 2023
Discovering an unknown territory using atom probe tomography: Elemental exchange at the bioceramic scaffold/bone tissue interface
NP Holmes, I Roohani, A Entezari, P Guagliardo, M Mirkhalaf, Z Lu, ...
Acta Biomaterialia 162, 199-210, 2023
Direct ageing experiments on nanometre-scale aluminium alloy samples
J Banhart, YS Chen, QN Guo, RKW Marceau, JM Cairney
Acta Materialia 231, 117848, 2022
Efficient and stable piezo-photocatalytic splitting of water and seawater by interfacial engineering of Na0. 5Bi0. 5TiO3/Na0. 5Bi4. 5Ti4O15 self-generated heterojunctions
Y Jiang, S Zhou, SS Mofarah, R Niu, Y Sun, A Rawal, H Ma, K Xue, ...
Nano Energy 116, 108830, 2023
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