Johanna Mollerstrom
Johanna Mollerstrom
Associate Professor of Economics, George Mason University
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Social framing effects: Preferences or beliefs?
T Ellingsen, M Johannesson, J Mollerstrom, S Munkhammar
Games and Economic Behavior 76 (1), 117-130, 2012
Capital flows, consumption booms and asset bubbles: A behavioural alternative to the savings glut hypothesis
D Laibson, J Mollerstrom
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Richer (and holier) than thou? The effect of relative income improvements on demand for redistribution
M Karadja, J Mollerstrom, D Seim
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Salivary testosterone change following monetary wins and losses predicts future financial risk-taking
CL Apicella, A Dreber, J Mollerstrom
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Luck, choice and responsibility—An experimental study of fairness views
J Mollerstrom, BA Reme, EØ Sørensen
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No gender difference in willingness to compete when competing against self
CL Apicella, EE Demiral, J Mollerstrom
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The impact of stress on tournament entry
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Gender differences in social framing effects
T Ellingsen, M Johannesson, J Mollerstrom, S Munkhammar
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Cognitive ability and the demand for redistribution
J Mollerstrom, D Seim
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Asset bubbles and the cost of economic fluctuations
K Chauvin, D Laibson, J Mollerstrom
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Individual risk preferences and the demand for redistribution
M Gärtner, J Mollerstrom, D Seim
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Favoritism and Cooperation
J Mollerstrom
Public Choice, 2019
The entitlement effect in the ultimatum game–does it even exist?
EE Demiral, J Mollerstrom
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Design of reforms with time‐inconsistent voters
J Hwang, J Möllerström
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Gender parity in German politics: further effort required
DA Coka, R Freier, J Mollerstrom
DIW Economic Bulletin 7 (37), 365-373, 2017
A Meritocratic Origin of Egalitarian Behavior
AW Cappelen, J Mollerstrom, BA Reme, B Tungodden
GMU Working Paper in Economics, 2019
Compete with others? No, thanks. With myself? Yes, please!
CL Apicella, EE Demiral, J Mollerstrom
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Your Place in the World: The Demand for National and Global Redistribution
D Fehr, J Mollerstrom, R Perez-Truglia
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Risk aversion and other factors determine income redistribution preferences
M Gärtner, J Mollerstrom
DIW Weekly Report 8 (17/18), 151-156, 2018
The gender gap in competitiveness: women shy away from competing with others, but not from competing with themselves
J Mollerstrom, K Wrohlich
DIW Economic Bulletin 7 (22/23), 219-225, 2017
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