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Stephen Beckett
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Uptake and retention of microplastics by the shore crab Carcinus maenas
AJR Watts, C Lewis, RM Goodhead, SJ Beckett, J Moger, CR Tyler, ...
Environmental science & technology 48 (15), 8823-8830, 2014
Improved community detection in weighted bipartite networks
SJ Beckett
Royal Society open science 3 (1), 140536, 2016
Modeling shield immunity to reduce COVID-19 epidemic spread
JS Weitz, SJ Beckett, AR Coenen, D Demory, M Dominguez-Mirazo, ...
Nature Medicine, 1-6, 2020
Coevolutionary diversification creates nested-modular structure in phage-bacteria interaction networks
SJ Beckett, HTP Williams
Interface Focus 3 (6), 20130033, 2013
Lysis, lysogeny and virus–microbe ratios
JS Weitz, SJ Beckett, JR Brum, BB Cael, J Dushoff
Nature 549 (7672), E1-E3, 2017
Package ‘bipartite’: visualising bipartite networks and calculating some (ecological) indices
CF Dormann, J Fruend, B Gruber, S Beckett, M Devoto, G Felix, J Iriondo, ...
R Statistical Software, 2011
FALCON: a software package for analysis of nestedness in bipartite networks
SJ Beckett, CA Boulton, HTP Williams
F1000Research 3 (185), 2014
Analysis of whole genome sequencing for the Escherichia coli O157: H7 typing phages
LA Cowley, SJ Beckett, M Chase-Topping, N Perry, TJ Dallman, DL Gally, ...
BMC genomics 16 (1), 1-13, 2015
Real-time, interactive website for US-county-level COVID-19 event risk assessment
A Chande, S Lee, M Harris, Q Nguyen, SJ Beckett, T Hilley, C Andris, ...
Nature Human Behaviour 4 (12), 1313-1319, 2020
The ecological and biogeochemical state of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre is linked to sea surface height
B Barone, AR Coenen, SJ Beckett, DJ McGillicuddy, JS Weitz, DM Karl
Journal of Marine Research 77 (2), 215-245, 2019
An empirical model of carbon flow through marine viruses and microzooplankton grazers
D Talmy, SJ Beckett, DAA Taniguchi, CPD Brussaard, JS Weitz, ...
Environmental microbiology 21 (6), 2171-2181, 2019
Contrasting controls on microzooplankton grazing and viral infection of microbial prey
D Talmy, SJ Beckett, AB Zhang, DAA Taniguchi, JS Weitz, MJ Follows
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 182, 2019
Disentangling niche competition from grazing mortality in phytoplankton dilution experiments
SJ Beckett, JS Weitz
PloS one 12 (5), e0177517, 2017
The effect of strain level diversity on robust inference of virus-induced mortality of phytoplankton
SJ Beckett, JS Weitz
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 1850, 2018
A single-cell polony method reveals low levels of infected Prochlorococcus in oligotrophic waters despite high cyanophage abundances
N Mruwat, MCG Carlson, S Goldin, F Ribalet, S Kirzner, Y Hulata, ...
The ISME journal 15 (1), 41-54, 2021
Spread of COVID-19 through Georgia, USA. Near-term projections and impacts of social distancing via a metapopulation model
SJ Beckett, M Dominguez-Mirazo, S Lee, C Andris, JS Weitz
MedRxiv, 2020
Intervention Serology and Interaction Substitution: Modeling the Role of “Shield Immunity” in Reducing COVID-19 Epidemic Spread. medRxiv
JS Weitz, SJ Beckett, AR Coenen
Published online, 2020
Community-scale synchronization and temporal partitioning of gene expression, metabolism, and lipid biosynthesis in oligotrophic ocean surface waters
D Muratore, AK Boysen, MJ Harke, KW Becker, JR Casey, SN Coesel, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
Disentangling the Relative Strength of Niche Competition from Grazing-Induced Phytoplankton Mortality
SJ Beckett, JS Weitz
bioRxiv, 072231, 2017
A framework for monitoring population immunity to SARS-CoV-2
BA Lopman, K Shioda, Q Nguyen, SJ Beckett, AJ Siegler, PS Sullivan, ...
Annals of epidemiology 63, 75-78, 2021
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