Stefano Martiniani
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Energy landscapes for machine learning
AJ Ballard, R Das, S Martiniani, D Mehta, L Sagun, JD Stevenson, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (20), 12585-12603, 2017
Quantifying Hidden Order out of Equilibrium
S Martiniani, PM Chaikin, D Levine
Physical Review X 9, 011031, 2019
The Mechanism of Iodine Reduction by TiO2 Electrons and the Kinetics of Recombination in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
CE Richards, AY Anderson, S Martinani, CH Law, BC O'Regan
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2012
Superposition Enhanced Nested Sampling
S Martiniani, JD Stevenson, DJ Wales, D Frenkel
Physical Review X 4 (3), 031034, 2014
Turning intractable counting into sampling: computing the configurational entropy of three-dimensional jammed packings
S Martiniani, KJ Schrenk, JD Stevenson, DJ Wales, D Frenkel
Physical Review E 93, 012906, 2016
Model-free measurement of local entropy production and extractable work in active matter
S Ro, B Guo, A Shih, TV Phan, RH Austin, D Levine, PM Chaikin, ...
Physical review letters 129 (22), 220601, 2022
Numerical test of the Edwards conjecture shows that all packings are equally probable at jamming
S Martiniani, KJ Schrenk, K Ramola, B Chakraborty, D Frenkel
Nature Physics, 13, 848–851, 2017
Near-infrared absorbing squaraine dye with extended π conjugation for dye-sensitized solar cells
C Magistris, S Martiniani, N Barbero, J Park, C Benzi, A Anderson, ...
Renewable Energy 60, 672-678, 2013
New insight into the regeneration kinetics of organic dye sensitised solar cells
S Martiniani, AY Anderson, CH Law, BC O'Regan, C Barolo
Chemical communications 48 (18), 2406-2408, 2012
Exploiting the potential energy landscape to sample free energy
A Ballard, S Martiniani, JD Stevenson, S Somani, DJ Wales
WIREs computational molecular science, 2015
High-throughput developability assays enable library-scale identification of producible protein scaffold variants
AW Golinski, KM Mischler, S Laxminarayan, NL Neurock, M Fossing, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (23), 2021
Structural analysis of high-dimensional basins of attraction
S Martiniani, KJ Schrenk, JD Stevenson, DJ Wales, D Frenkel
Physical Review E 93 (3), 031301, 2016
Monte Carlo sampling for stochastic weight functions
D Frenkel, KJ Schrenk, S Martiniani
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (27), 6924-6929, 2017
Correlation lengths in the language of computable information
S Martiniani, Y Lemberg, PM Chaikin, D Levine
Physical Review Letters 125, 170601, 2020
Estimating random close packing in polydisperse and bidisperse hard spheres via an equilibrium model of crowding
C Anzivino, M Casiulis, T Zhang, AS Moussa, S Martiniani, A Zaccone
The Journal of Chemical Physics 158 (4), 2023
Vicsek model by time-interlaced compression: A dynamical computable information density
A Cavagna, PM Chaikin, D Levine, S Martiniani, A Puglisi, M Viale
Physical Review E 103 (6), 062141, 2021
ColabFit Exchange: open-access datasets for data-driven interatomic potentials
JA Vita, EG Fuemmeler, A Gupta, GP Wolfe, AQ Tao, RS Elliott, ...
The Journal of Chemical Physics 159, 154802, 2023
On the complexity of energy landscapes: algorithms and a direct test of the Edwards conjecture
S Martiniani
University of Cambridge, 2017
Bacteria Through Obstacles: Unifying Fluxes, Entropy Production, and Extractable Work in Living Active Matter
S Anand, X Ma, S Guo, S Martiniani, X Cheng
arXiv preprint arXiv:2308.08421, 2023
Predicting and Interpreting Protein Developability via Transfer of Convolutional Sequence Representation
AW Golinski, ZD Schmitz, GH Nielsen, B Johnson, D Saha, S Appiah, ...
ACS Synthetic Biology 12 (9), 2600-2615, 2023
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